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Found 5 results

  1. Website | Forum | Telegram Channel | GitHub | TON Surf Free TON is a fast, secure and scalable blockchain and network project, capable of handling millions of transactions per second if necessary, and both user-friendly and service provider-friendly. One might think about Free TON as a huge distributed supercomputer, or rather a huge "superserver", intended to host and provide a variety of services. On Thursday, May 7th, the Free TON Community (consisting of developers and potential TON users) launched the Free TON blockchain platform. All participants will get tokens called TON Crystal. To become a community member you need to sign Free TON Declaration of Decentralization. U.S. citizens are not allowed to participate. Free TON blockchain tokens Free TON is a project based on TON blockchain open source code. Free TON was launched by Free TON Community and has no links with Telegram. The Free TON main network is mainnet or Token for the mainnet is called TON or TON Crystal. According to the Declaration of Decentralization the initial distribution of tokens is free, you can win them in contests, judging contest works by being a jury member, or becoming a validator. Airdrop will happen after achieving full decentralization. You can get more information about Free TON community and contests on Free TON Forum and in Telegram chat, or join as a Brand Ambassador. TON Surf What is Surf? Surf is an all-in-one crypto wallet, blockchain browser and secure chat. Surf is your go-to interface to TON OS and the Free TON Blockchain. Surf for iOS - the iOS app Surf for Android - the Android app Surf for Web - blockchain browser TON Surf Testing - Telegram group for testing - explorer of mainnet and testnet networks Buy/sell a TON Crystals Chatex - TON Crystals exchange bot for crypto and fiat FreeTON_OTC - OTC group for buying/selling TON Crystals tokens FreeTON p2p Exchange - OTC group for buy/sell TON Crystals network tokens Free TON roadmap The Free TON project roadmap is a document summarizing the process of promoting the project and its main stages leading to the final goal of establishing the Free TON project: Stage 1 "Raging Bull" - creation and testing of a stimulating decentralized beta network with fast transaction rates. At this stage, the test network is deployed, the validators, between which the initial tokens are distributed, test the main nodes of the network. Stage 2 "Rumble Fish" - at this stage, a smart contract is executed that is designed to transfer control from the developers of the network to the validators to fully support the last beta network. Stage 3 "Fight Club" - the deployment of a fully decentralized network. At this stage, a sufficient number of validators must be selected for the maintenance and operation of the decentralized network, tokens are distributed among the users according to a previously selected airdrop mechanism. These three stages are designed to adapt to network startup, development and updating of necessary software, improvement of network security, distribution of rewards within the network, etc. The full roadmap can be found here. TON Blockchain main features Website | Forum | Telegram Channel | GitHub | TON Surf
  2. Video review on How to use Tezos Block Explorers such as Created by Baking Bad team
  3. So few days ago I know nothing about nodes and master nodes, the only thing I new is blockchain and blocks. Then I came across a topic about nodes and I had to ask what are these, the other guy did not tell me what nodes are he linked me to an article where I could learn about it and I found myself reading more and moire articles about. So here is my brief explanation on what nodes and master nodes are; Nodes is a server that supports blockchain system, you can say a blockchain runs in a node, nodes could be a computer or any device that has full copy of the blockchain transaction history. Now master nodes are bigger servers that are always online and should be online to support the specific blockchain system. Transaction are processed by nodes and can either be accepted or rejected, when accepted it is added to a blockchain as a block. I hope you learned much is this brief explanation, I f i missed something let me know in the comment below.
  4. Hello guys. the halving is very close According to this site Bitcoin halving will be about 13-14 hours So what is you expectations guys? I think that nothing special will happen. as previous halvings have shown, btc price is going up and up so the companies who stopped mining btc loss a lot of money which they could earn by mining btc. And as statistics say btc price is going up 3-6 montth period after halving. but this year everything is going on very fast and that may change. there is a global economy crisis in lots of countries. Share your thoughts about it guys. and don't forget to Like my post if you found it interesting. .
  5. Today is The day guys. According to this website : Bitcoin halving will be in about 13 hours AS you already know. this idea of reward halving is against bitcoin inflation. There is also this Grapic which shows us the possibilty of the inflation of bitcoin price and time. As history has shown some miners leave mining bitcoins after halving cause they won't get as much profit as they did, unless the pric eof bitcoin increase so what do you think will happen now? i Dont see any other coin that can replace the profit for miner companies that they get from mining bitcoin. ETH? ETC? i dont know, i don't think so. So i think lots of miners will continue mining bitcoin for that reason. And i think the Price will go much higher. which happens, according to statistics and history, several month after halving event(aprx. 3-6 month). So share your views guys, what will happen and don't forget to like this topic/post if you find it interesting.
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