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Found 2 results

  1. Hello.... Did you know that if you reply to a topic within the "off topic" section at the end of the thread list when you enter the forum's home page, this comment won't be counted and your post count will not increase. This is because my post count was 340 posts, and after commenting on a specific topic in the "Off topic" section the counter remained static and the number below my profile picture didn't change. Do you think the forum could pay me for this comment? And Do you also think that if someone likes my comment in that section, it will count as good reputation or not? Give me your opinion please..
  2. Hey guys in today topic we are gonna talk about top 5 crypto-currency to invest in 2021..... So like the disadvantage of stock market where we experience a highly sensitive risk. The cryptocurrency seems to be reliably stable with much more room to grow. The beauty and fun of being a retale investor is having the freedom is what you wanna invest in as well as all the benefits that cryptocurrency brings. in addition to that cryptocurrency is very liquid. liquid as in cryptocurrency operate 24 hours a day seven day in a week. you can buy sell and trade your asset at any time. There are different numbers of asset that people tends to invest in like precious metals. physical comedies or even in stock market which operate Monday through Friday 9:30am to 4:00pm and all the value of these assets don't come close to the liquidity odds what cryptocurrency offers. In addition to that cryptocurrency has minimum investment barrier.This means anyone can sign for this as long as they are connected to a plate forum and have some cash you don't need thousands of dollar you can get started with just 20 bucks only this is the benefits you get by investing in cryptocurrency Now lets talk about the five cryptocurrencies you need to invest in 2021.... 1_BITCOIN This is about the kings of all cryptos which is bitcooin. So why is bitcion essential for every investor is it not overrated, is it still worth investing there are some reason that you should invest in it 1_right now bitcoin has the market capital of more than one trillion dollar and is the number one coin in the entire crypto network. You don't need to invest all of your money in one asset you can just add a little amount of your saving in the bitcoin and ....just forget about it and just sit back and watch the money grow 2_Ethereum Don't worry I am not gonna run down the top 5 currencies base on market capital but ethereum does deserve its place as the no-2 in this list. you can say if bitcoin is an alpha than bitcon is the beta. There are investors that usually argue that ethereum has more chance in giving more profitable return than bitcoin is because the endless amount of use case scenarios that this coin has. Keep in mind you don't need to buy hole coin of Ethereum or Bitcoin just buy some fractions and you will get a-lot of profit 3_Chainlink So whats a chain link just like the name suggest its a link that connects the blockchain technology to existing infrastructure. This currency offers many many benefits but what you need to focus is that chainlink provide reliable inputs and outputs for complex smart contract on any blockchain.......I think you don't understand let me break it down in as an easiest way for you Lets say I'm a owner of a newly open gym and I want it to have 24/7 access for all of its members so i would find some type of technology maybe a wifi connected smart lock on the door so anytime of the day a member comes for the workout in order for me to verify that they are gym members paying there dues i can create a smart contract "scan membership card" the smart lock which is enabled by wifi will get triggered by a contract so if someone decide to not to pay the fee that lock may not open up someone that pays their fee can freely enter in the gym. You might be wondering what does that have to do with chainlink Well chainlink provide the link to the existing infrastructure to that smart contract or in this case that lock. so right now chainlink value is 27.74 dollars and has increased 1289% in the last year 4_Ecomi So ecomi actually has two use cases first is the utility token of veve nft ecosystem. veve is the brandnew nft ecosystem and if you are into nfts and believe it has a space in the market check out Ecomi check out other coin like float. dapper there are alot of coin that allow you to be on this trend. keep in mind this coin is not available on most of exchanges like coinbase, or binance you have to find some others plate-forum for Ecomi 5_Harmony one So unlike most cryptocurrencies where they are build off another network. Harmony was actually build up by the ground and it addressees the issue of scalability, security and privacy by using shorting basically speed up the process
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