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    • Yes, it doesn't not depend on the fact that someone is junior or a senior member, it also depends on the scenario that who is creating the useful content. I have seen that so many new members create good and useful posts So, they must be encouraged and supported to create good content and this will be great thing.
    • Stablecoins have a value that is designed to be stable over any period. This feature makes stablecoins an ideal safe haven asset because, unlike cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin that can fluctuate dramatically in price every day, an individual using stablecoins to store value see no risk of loss, especially because they have full custody of their assets.
    • Yes, right, the beginners section is an important starting point for all beginners, and it will help them advance and learn about everything related to cryptocurrencies and about investing and trading.
    • Yeah i agree with you friend. But one thing i like most at this forum is everyone has here equal rights. Old user and also new coming members have their equal right. Another thing is that which i like most that here senior help the new coming members and support them.
    • First of all, I congratulate you that you did not get warning points, this means that you are doing well so you should beware of making mistakes in order not to get warning points and because they may expose you to a ban, unfortunately nothing can be done about the warning points you receive you should only continue to work with better efficiency
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