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Found 9 results

  1. English section should be giving a second chance. I feel awkward, devastated and otiose to serve the general punishment as result of SERIES VIOLATIONS by some narrow minded members among us in English Section. However, the whole section has learn a lot of lessons from her previous mistakes. Likewise, effective hints, logical ideas on how to regulate, arrest, barricade, halt or stop lawless, mischievous and illicit acts of any form in English section has already been forwarded. In this regard, on behalf of the English members and I appeal to moderators and entire management of cryptotalk to RECONSIDER English section. @Bigpat @Desais @ayatoslaw @epidemia @Alex077 ***Constructive, logical opinion is welcome!!!....
  2. Hi friends, There are many members who get nervous very quickly when they face any problem, it's not good to get panic when you have problems because it may bring bad effects to you and you can make unexpected decisions. This works to crypto world too, when you will get panic because of some problems you may make unexpected actions and you may lose your money. SOLUTION. When you face any problems, you have to find the cause of that problem and then find a solution to solve it. Other member are panic when they can't solve their problems, but we are all humans and we were given different thoughts every person so that we can help each other! You can't do all things by yourself, sometimes you need help from those who around's you. Have a good day!
  3. Hello. Many website ,apps or organization where we working online . I suggest you friends one app through this app you earn money by playing interesting games. Did you hear about wowapp it amazing app. I also earn money by playing games . friends are you about this app.please give me your opinion about this application.
  4. How can I describe the massive deleting of topics and posts that cause severe fear on members this recent erasing of posts before 2020 should end was my first time to experience it this event that left me with some questions as newbie that I can answer them: - How are we going to repay them back with post since we have already been paid for it? - what is the way forward to finally stop the massive removal of posts ? - will the be seen as end of the year elimination of unwanted messages? WHAT IS THE FATE OF THE MEMBERS AND THE CRYPTOTALK? common say your mind to make crypto talk better
  5. What do you understand when you hear "Expert member"? For me, I know that an expert is someone who knows something more than others. A person that understands something deeply and he/she can share knowledge with other people so that they can understand as well. Maybe you can help me to elaborate more about an Expert. Let's go to the point. We are many members of this forum (200K and more), but we only have 10K topics which are less than 6% of all forum members! 6% out of 100% is very low and I believe you agree with me. Let me explain the two differences of experts in this forum..., 1. Forum Experts. These Expert members are those who joined this forum for a long time or those who join and at least they have +5 months! These members are the forum experts because they have a lot of time since they joined this forum, so they can support any new member for anything about this forum because they know it well. 2. Crypto Experts. In this category, we meet different experts according to what they know. Traders, investors, gamers and etc... These experts can have any rank even if they are newbies because they are not forum experts but they are experts in something else. The reason for writing this topic is to remind you about one thing, don't afraid to share your knowledge because you may be an expert in anything and there are members who need your topics. Not because i have a senior rank i will be an expert in everything! Maybe i have joined this forum last year and i started trading this year, and you have joined the forum this year but you have started to trade in 2017, so you may call me an expert in this forum and i will call you an expert in trading because i joined the forum before you but you started trading before me. So have confidence and write topics to share your knowledge with us, every member is an expert in something special.
  6. I have one dought about online user count in this forum two section available 1 English section 2 Russian section, so my dought is here we see the online user count also separate for every section, like English section online user count separate are total forum members count show in this bar because I see only 200 to 250 members active in online pls share your valuable reactions.
  7. Using multiple Account in developing your reputation is not allowed all this challenges is because the 50 reputation that was bonus before has been suspended that why everyone now if valuing of cheating in reputation system the future have the believe the the economy will soon develop while the system payment will be change I can noticed 85% are reputation cheating and also plagiarism. I believe that there is a good and powerful reason from stopping 50 rating per day.
  8. Cryptotalk forum is a global forum that co-exist members from different part of the world, that's world wide. You have to be a good ambassador, representative and a reprieve of your location. This will be crystal clear and obvious to you when you look at the statements or instructions above in Yobit exchanger, conveying the names of banned countries due to highest rate of violations.
  9. freelance job is one where an individual works for themselves, rather than for a business. While freelancers take on contract work for businesses and organisations, they are eventually self-employed. Freelancers are not viewed by the corporations they work for as "employees, but rather as contractor's. These are some freelancing platforms. All are amazing for online earn. Fiverr. Upwork. Toptal. Simply Hired. PeoplePerHour. Aquent. Crowded. The Creative Group. Give you opinion about these platform. Thanks
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