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  1. Was the first coin that I ever held for a considerable amount of time and eventually traded it away for ethereum when the coin was at a very low price which was not very smart. But all in all a good coin.
  2. Some certainly will and constantly there are coins disappearing from the markets however there are many altcoins out there now and some have really stapled themselves into the crypto world for good.
  3. I have read in many places that Dubai seems to be the crypto valley for the middle east region and rightfully so has that city and country has a lot of technology related firms with a lot of crypto interested employees.
  4. Bitcoin is the highest and most popular crypto on the market and for the rest simply use crypto review sites like coin market cap to give you a list of the most popular with their values visible.
  5. You should always set up stop limits when doing trades and do not shift those values during the trade so when a coin reaches this value I will trade it otherwise I will hold it.
  6. Likely more and more countries will start introducing their own national stable coin much like tether is to the united states for example and peg it against their national currency.
  7. You want to buy low and sell high, that is the basic rule of any trade that you will ever do in your life either with crypto currencies or any other assets that you may be trading.
  8. Yes trading and crypto do require a bit of motivation as you will need to be following things closely once you are in on this so either take it seriously and set of the time or do not bother.
  9. Yobit is a fun little exchange which is very easy to follow and navigate and super simple to do some trading on. In addition is supports most of the coins I am interested in so I am happy.
  10. Basically any wallet which holds the coin that you are sending can be used just make sure you type the withdrawal address correctly and that the wallet you are sending too actually exists and you have access to it.
  11. Dai is a stablecoin and will always be pegged against the us dollar value as it is used as the crypto equivalent to the us dollar for the decentralized ethereum block chain.
  12. I actually also just recently read about this coin as a nee up and comer and one to look out for for the rest of 2020 and going forward so maybe worth some more research.
  13. no i have never found any faucets that actually reward in bitcoin directly but many of the altcoins generally have some sort of a faucet type thing going at some point during their development.
  14. Yes and it rightfully should be and I think it should even be at a much higher rank than what it is as simply check out the value of bitcoin but I guess it is more a question of adaption still.
  15. Yes none should be using their exchange wallets as their personal wallets for holding unless they are actually doing some staking or something like that with their coin.
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