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  1. roe4kimkzv - Thanks to Yobit exchange and CryptoTalk forum for the opportunity to earn money for each message!
  2. Both subject have a great connection if that happened. This can lead to have a greater adaptation to the both subject since it was the combination of profit and entertainment. It will be having a successful pathways if that happened since it could bring a greater sucess to the gamers in online world and it can be perfect to those fields to make a faster adaptation of both industry. Hope to achieve that soon.
  3. I agree, It is actually challenging and problematic for the investors if the bitcoin is having a rise and fall value. Having Illegal actvities on this activity is one of its dark side. On the other hand, I agree to you that this can be a source of income, that is why I join on this industry since I wanted to have an extra income because I was still a student.
  4. Good decision is a must, I have friends who are now successful because of this industry. But I think, having a mindset that was set to be successful is needed too. If you want to be successful here you have to be determined to reached that because there's a lot of opportunity waiting for you here, you just have to look for it for you to get the benefit. This industry is not actually hard to become successful because all of the opportunity exposed. Also, crypto gaves free coins sometimes just like what happened before and it is so very helpful for the members to have like that. Hope to become one of that successful member here, and hoping other members too.
  5. I agree, it is not just a simple decision if that happened.It must be study before it legalized because it has an effect to a larger scope of the industry. Legality of crypto may have effect to all of us because this would have a greater impact to the people who are using crypto. But on the other hand, I am thinking that if this happened, this will be beneficial to the people because It can gaves opportunity and money as well. We can't say, this topic have chance to implement and I am also hoping that It would be possible to happened.
  6. great news! As a yobit user this would be so helpful. My code is SSFCFC
  7. It will be better if the forum have that, this will inspired the users to come up with an informative post. And if that happened, the rewards will motivate other users too to create post that will benefited others too.
  8. As of now I reached 50 posts, I felt sad since I was thinking that I can't be payed if I reached 51 posts but then I also think that the new rule created is better for the users here too so that the spammers will be lessen on this forum.
  9. My friend actually recommend this because I wanted to have some extra income that was not hard since I am a student and busy in my schoolworks too. As I staying here, I learned to this industry was not only good for getting an extra income but to earned big money as well since it was really profitable.
  10. Starting here is confusing especially when you are not actually familiar on this industry so that acknowledging other opinion is a must. Do research as well so that you can can understand more.
  11. I don't agree, I actually think that bitcoin is very beneficial and it can pay back the elctricity consumed. Staying here in the industry is a bit confusing since I was still new and learning new things here but I think I still don't waste electricity. Also, having here is much more relevant since I can be successful and earned money here.
  12. Thanks for the info, it will be very helpful for me since I was new and discovering new things in this industry. Also, it is also beneficial to the other user so that they may avoid such problems to occur.
  13. My family also do not use blockchain but I cannot force them since my family especially my parents are not that familiar to it because they are still on the traditional way of living wherin they are not that good in manipulating the technology today.
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