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  1. for now I often use binance and kucoin, because the fees applied are relatively low and do not require kyc when trading there
  2. i think it is similar to bitcoin which uses sha256 and scrypt, but currently DGB mining is not profitable for the short term unless you are mining for the purpose of being held for a long time
  3. there are many ways to know if the market will experience a bull trend or not, it can be from chart patterns or using fudamental but fudamental is difficult for users who do not really understand the technical basis of crypto
  4. I think almost all exchanges have similar rates, binance and Kucoin charge a fee of 0.1% and dex can be cheaper but for dex it is only limited to tokens that have the same chain
  5. I am holding a few BAT coins because I already have a clear product, the browser has also been widely used by PC and mobile phone users and it may be that BAT will make a better project than it is today.
  6. This new feature is very helpful, because sometimes users want to send coins to their friends who are both using binance
  7. ripple is a centralized coin, besides that ripple really became a coin in 2012 so bitcoin is indeed the first coin that exist
  8. I think binance, bittrex and coinbase have the feature of buying cryptocurrency using a credit card, so as long as you have a credit card you can buy it there
  9. right now I use trust wallet, because there can store other coins but if you want an official wallet then you can try tronlink
  10. sometimes poloniex delisting coins for reasons that are unclear, Dgb volume dipoloniex in my opinion is quite large and strange if the delist of coins that have large volumes because it will obviously reduce the reputation and profit of the exchange
  11. in my opinion bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency available, some people consider the ripple first but according to me in 2005 the ripple was just a concept and created in 2012 while bitcoin was successfully created in 2009
  12. in my opinion the difference is only in distribution and value, bitcoin is decentralized and the value of bitcoin is determined by the market while libra is centralized and it seems that libra is trying to become the first official stable coin and wants libra to replace usd
  13. very possible if there are alternative coins that stop operating, because now there are many alternative coins circulating on the exchange and depending on the management of these coins whether the coins can meet the needs and demands of the market or not
  14. I think you should stay in your current job while investing in some of the top ten coins, because no one knows how long cryptocurrency will last and you could have mistakenly bought a coin that ends up scam
  15. for legality depends on the location of your residence, if your country allows transactions using cryptocurrency then litecoin is clearly legal but if it doesn't allow it, litecoin is illegal in your country
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