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  1. it's a good idea to be careful about your posts and you have to post those that match the topic content so that your posts aren't considered spam and if you keep doing that you get a warning point
  2. I guess at this time there is no real cloud mining that has hashed power for free and even if there is a HYIP and the risk of being scam is very high
  3. now many users join because they want to get bitcoin given by yobit but the main purpose of this forum is to share information about cryptocurrency
  4. for this month I focus more on observing the prices of waves and bitcoin because in my opinion the two coins have experienced a pretty high increase
  5. I agree with you that for no one is born as a trader but the trader is a person who is accustomed to trading and being successful because he has felt the advantages and problems in trading
  6. for BTG I think it is better for you to take into account the price movement of BTC because for BTG it tends to follow the trend of BTC so if BTC will go up then it is likely that BTG will also go up
  7. as long as you actually run the program that you created I think you can make the program wherever you want but you also have to routinely provide reports about the program to your investors so that you are not considered to be cheating
  8. I think quantum computers will help coins to process blocks faster but I think it will be difficult to use them because the numbers are very limited
  9. for posts you should post in accordance with the contents of the topic where you will post because if it has nothing to do with the topic then your post will be considered spam and don't forget to read the forum rules first
  10. welcome to cryptotalk and it's a good idea to read the forum rules and also an explanation of the warning points because both can prevent you from breaking the rules of this forum
  11. for trading you should learn the technical analysis of market conditions be it technical or fudamental because cryptocurrency changes very quickly so you must understand how to analyze the situation first
  12. for signatures you can check your profile settings there is a section for signatures and you can change it there so the signature will appear in each of your posts
  13. earlier this year was a happy year for cryptocurrency users because almost all coins and tokens have risen in price and I hope this continues
  14. for the speed of the transaction depends on where the coins come from because for exchange the process is longer than the personal wallet but from some coins that I tried I think EOS and BNB are currently the fastest...
  15. The main reason I still keep bitcoin is because some of the coins that I have I use for trading besides that I'm also sure the price of bitcoin will go up this year
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