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  1. Welcome with me Personally, every day I come and get to know Bitcoin Germany is a country that is moving toward declaring crypto as money In 2019, the German parliament passed a law allowing banks to accept cryptography as digital assets
  2. Welcome with me It's only natural to find a few people accepting the idea of encryption and using it for blockchain technology Not everyone understands technology or imagines that money become coded numbers, not as we are used to by papers or credit cards. The time and the generalization of countries to accept cryptography is what will put these people before the fait accompli
  3. Welcome with me There are many fake cryptographic mining apps on Android system, few are legitimate Few legitimate ones give little or no gains. Mining increases its difficulty, especially after the half event Mining on a computer screen card or a computer processor does not now give acceptable results, so what about mining on the phone
  4. Welcome with me The best currency you can invest in is to buy bitcoin, because the exchange rate difference is high When it increases from $ 8,000 to $ 10,000, you will earn $ 2000 Alternative currencies go according to the bitcoin market, the profit is good but the purchase in large quantities
  5. Welcome with me Dogecoin uses the blockchain technique Its massive supply may have given everyone a chance to earn a large number of Dogecoins Its price is low, perhaps in the future it will jump to a better level
  6. Welcome with me Good suggestion my friend, filters like options, latest, this week, this month, help members know about post or topic data Time options, today are available
  7. Welcome with me In your article there are two cases: The first: I'm mining too much, this is a state of jealousy and inflated capacities only The second: I care too much about money (encryption), an honest case if it works to gain encryption Addiction is a state of feeling euphoric with something physical or not material like encryption, sometimes I find myself almost addicted to bitcoin, because dreams grow in my fat every day
  8. Welcome with me Currencies or symbols have the ability to resist to stay in the crypto market provided they have long and short-term goals The idea for which a coin or token works, is what keeps it alive and allows it to evolve Many currencies will leave the scene in the year 2020, as happened with others in the past years
  9. Welcome with me I tried it before, BitTube, and the bonus was weak, like working on faucets And now DIY Tube doesn't know anything about it. Can one of the members who tried the site provide us with its advantages in paying?
  10. Welcome with me The main points for purchasing any cryptocurrency are as follows The necessity of declining the market price (the market is in the stage of bears) Reading and looking at its future goals, allows you to know if it has the potential to stay and lead Buying well-known currencies in the market that rank well
  11. Welcome with me I recommend you the most secure paper wallets like blockchain.com There are cool wallets i.e. not connected to the internet and they are in the form of a USB key and they are good but the price is high I do not advise you with trading platform wallets or virtual wallets
  12. Hamden


    Welcome with me Before installing any programs or applications, you must install an antivirus, anti-trojan, anti-worm, powerful Cryptojacking programs and applications can be downloaded from the Internet, After a few days of installing it you will notice that there is no rapid response to the device
  13. Welcome with me Many times we find ourselves forced to provide our personal data, because the site imposes the conditions for providing identity, otherwise you will not get the right to use the site. In this case what is to be done, either response or rejection Finally, I want to say, there is no 100/100 protection
  14. Welcome, uncle Oh really, a great video represents the struggle between central financial cash and decentralization Each one offers its advantages and the other responds with faults. In the end, the encryption will inevitably win
  15. Welcome, uncle To get a good reputation, you should write fine topics that have clear ideas and a smooth, interesting way to read, which gives the reader an understanding and familiarity with the idea of the topic. This makes the reader give a direct heart reaction
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