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  1. Bitcoin is a crypto currency which is very influential rapidly on many people by giving a lot of benefits to all members and even bitcoin can be considered a good bubble.
  2. Your opinion is very good and I agree with your opinion that I always wait to wait for the price of bitcoin to rise and even better in the future because I believe that bitcoin is very profitable so I am not likely to leave it.
  3. Yes, your statement is even there are some countries that can only formalize bitcoin because they know about bitcoin that can benefit their country, so accept bitcoin as a transaction tool and there are still many countries that cannot accept it because most likely they are not so sure and trust in bitcoin that their country prohibits it.
  4. Thank you very much for the information and notification. If you feel good about making posts in the beginner section then everyone still needs to learn and this instruction because it is necessary to make useful posts so that in the future it is better and can do it right because that is what is really needed.
  5. I am very happy if you have the desire to join this forum, even I am sure you will feel comfortable in this forum so that you succeed later because this forum makes it easy for you to find knowledge and even a lot of income here.
  6. Thank you very much for the advice and information that you made. I am even happier when reminded about the rules of the forum so that in the future I can be even more excited to make useful and constructive posts so that the results of my posts are always received by moderators and also I will not violate the rule.
  7. Your words are true that you have a lot to learn if you are a new member here to seek a lot of knowledge and good experience so that in the future you can do the easy things and find income more easily obtained as well.
  8. A pretty good statement and there will even be many more people who believe in this exchange site so they need to focus on ensuring this caring situation and good situation to choose this very good exchange. I also believe in the exchange site.
  9. It turns out that this forum always provides an opportunity to earn a lot of income from this forum and even many people who like this forum because it is the only forum that gives Satoshi to users who participate in this forum so they call it the best and profitable forum.
  10. I believe in bitcoin for the future even day by day it appears with a good price increase so I think this price is going very well and the performance is stable so it attracts attention to follow bitcoin.
  11. Your mind is very good to be trusted because everyone has to share their experiences on this site so that many people know each other about everything here to make a profit it will be easier to obtain when posting positive things so I think it was very helpful at that time.
  12. I agree with your opinion even I agree with your current worries because it is not good to join the fake crypto currency so during work and effort that has been done so far it will feel in vain.
  13. If a year ago you were not very enthusiastic in your work, then you should be more enthusiastic for more currencies than before so you can try to improve your skills in the current year because with this you can get a lot of benefits here.
  14. Your statement is very good even if the forum can be reserved more passive in your comfort because it is very necessary and can be done perfectly after determining the things that are beneficial to crypto so that in the future it will get better and get better.
  15. Your opinion is correct and the forum will grow more in the future because with the support and participation of members of the forum will continue to grow better so we can use it much longer in this regard.
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