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  1. What is it then? It makes no sense at all. You just posted another sites link and a photo? Whats the deal then?
  2. Actually, these sort of things are frequently happening recently, I mean after announcing the pay per post campaign.
  3. Actually I'm a little bit busy at this time. But I'll draw some line about airdrops when I have time, thanks for your reply.
  4. Actually back in 2017, this was the golden era for crypto, not only for btc. But overwhelming causes todays situation.
  5. in later 2018 and early 2019 , I mean within first two quarters of 2019, the crypto market was overflooded with masternode coins
  6. I dont think so. Although eth is doing far better than btc its almost impossible . Because its kinda elastic with btc price.
  7. That was a pretty good guide. But some more thing is missing because world of ico and airdrops are drastically changed. Its more difficult now.
  8. This is kinda problem, What in the world, top develop country in the world isn't ready to embrace blockchain? This should be changed
  9. Thank you so much for your reply and +1. Of course I will report if I see anything weird. Because I'm also part of this community, and its my responsibility to make it meaningful. Thank you again,
  10. I always prefer eth over btc , because eth has endless opportunities , that btc dont have, without some crazy forks. Actually eth brought a reoulationary changes in entire crypto world. People cn have an altoin easily, as their with a very lower cost. So, cosidering history and present, I prefer eth.
  11. My personal forecast about bitcoin is, it may cross 12k by the end of dfecember. But its not that obvious because as weve seen in previous years, btc was down from 20k to 3k...It happens..We'll see but i think it will cross 12k
  12. With the coalition with paypal, it will be great. Although we shouldnt rely so much in these things , but its obvious that it will bring a new era in payment sector. Paying bill with crypto is still a hassle for us. Here paying directly with paypal from fiat like libra will be far better.
  13. Listen, the world of crypto is not a money making machine. This is the sector where both buusiness and financial risks are higher than any other sectors. This is not like, you pour some, seat back on house and beng flooded with money. It never happens. You may become rich or poor overnight
  14. I dont think so. But ETH has more scopes than bitcoin. Thats why a reasonable number of forks happened within a short period of time. Even in ecommerce stores who accepts cryptocurrency now has an options for eth and other altcoins.
  15. I strongly stands for bengali language. Because there are mention-worth number of bengali people are crypto nowdays. There are investors, contributors and other even curious people. As the forum growing bigger, its time to add bengali , for native bengali speaking people
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