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  1. If your actively creating topic everyday aside from the compensation you get for every post and comment you also have more chance to get popular and most people will know you.then if they like your post they can give you good reaction that can help you increase your rank.
  2. Yeah it's really tiring but keep on motivating yourself always think that after you finish the requirements the next post and comment will be compensated.
  3. Yes this forum is a good way to earn extra income I'm almost 2 months here and already earn a huge amount of money by just helping people by posting good ideas and commenting on other post.
  4. The dice game in yobit it is a gambling feature you can put a bet.and if the result is greater than or less than. If you're prediction is right you'll get double amount of you're bet.i have tried it before I won at first but ending up losing all my earnings so I stay away from it already.dont wanna lose money again.
  5. I'm having that problem before.but i can make suggestion so you can avoid that to the policy of this forum it is important to know the qualification to get paid on making post and comment youre counted post won't be deducted.all are listed in there if you follow it you won't having a problem of deleted post again.
  6. Yes sometimes it need to fall.but i think it won't happen now since Bitcoin halving is near now it's price is continuesly increasing because of continues increase of demmand on market.all you can do is wait until halving and if it fall then pruchase as many as you can.
  7. No I haven't been scammed before I used to do research before investing and if I deposit my money on you im sure I'm going to get scammed for the first time.
  8. Yes cryptocurency is making continues increase but there's no assurance that it will continue.there also a chance that it may drop.but it's normal in avoid loses I suggest to just check it's price consistently so you can sell it when. You see it's value dropping.
  9. Armcannon

    Crypto world

    Everyone has a fear that it they invest their money on cryptocurrency it may lose its value Everytime.and we can lose our money also.but we can avoid it just spend time to check the price of it that you can sell it if you see it's value dropping.
  10. Most scams offer too good to be true offer like earning 1% to 100% interest per day.those are signs of scams and i am advising everyone to avoid it.because it might be paying at beginning but I'm sure it will run with your money after few weeks or months.
  11. For me it's better to invest on real state I the future.but for now people are investing on this cryptocurrency because it's value has a chance to increase when it's demand increase on market.and they earn their profit from it at cheap price then sell it at high price.
  12. Most of people think it's a scam because its way of earning is like a hyip investment.eveytime you purchase it's price value increase on market but if investors sell their coins it's value massively decrease.sometimes it lose huge amount of value.and they think they have been scammed.i suggest them before investing know how cryptocurency works.
  13. The reason why you should go on cryptocurrency because very day it gets more popular causing it to become more popular and increase it's demand on exchanges that cost it's price to increase everyday.if you invest now it's possible for you to become rich in the future.
  14. Yes having proper education on this cryptocurrency helps everyone to be successful in the future.because if we know strategies and understand how to make profit we can easily earn and if we are aware on different scam.we were not going to become a victim of it.
  15. Yes there is .try freebitco it gives free Bitcoin every hour if you collect it.or forum.stake you can get free bitcoin answering forum similar to cryptotalk forum.but even though they are giving free Bitcoin. I don't recommend you to put your money in there.because you always get tempted to play on their games that may cause losing your capital.
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