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  1. The coin of the day to me always remains bitcoin because it doesn't have a rival coin the cryptocurrency community and it is a promising coin to invest in
  2. I am sure the price of bitcoin will rise in the market soon for the reason that bitcoin makes the top of the list in every market and the cutlrrent price is $9,700
  3. Blockchain is a very good one but my problem is that I don't have the programming skills and technology is advancing
  4. The price was good then but presently the price of bitcoin is now low compared tothat of before. Today bitcoin is $9,700 in the marketplace of cryptocurrency and more is coming soon
  5. I do like investment but recently I have some issue struggling with, I have the intension of inserting 65%/ of my money on investment
  6. Yes, I have heard of a browser that you can use to make some money while using it to browse and the browser I heard of is brave bowser
  7. I hope that before the end of the year the price of dogecoin should increase and besides, doge coin os one of the best altcoin on the list coins
  8. I really want to invest but my problem is lack if capital which I will use to make the investment in the coin of my choice such as bitcoin, dogecoin etc
  9. I really like this information about halvin, thank you allot and it is a very useful information about bitcoin division. Thanks allot for the info.
  10. Crypto world is wider than you expected and the difficulty of how to learn trading, the experience and the background of trading so that I can make profit
  11. In ten years time , I expect cryptotalk forum to improve it features so that posting in the forum will be meant for responsible members and the gift will increase to like 50,000 satoshi
  12. I think the problem is that they are making screening of some topics that are not useful and your post will reduce if you make post in those topics
  13. To have a good blockchain network you need a good programming skills and bitcoin transaction is really heavy that is why it is slow in some exchange site
  14. Cryptocurrency community is different, so you have to be extra careful and also you have to be patient if you want to make huge profit from it
  15. No one controls bitcoin, it the demand of it that controls it, bitcoin price increase when there is high demand in the Cryptocurrency marketplace
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