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  1. Sometimes there are problems with the withdrawal of litecoin on the exchange , so I do not withdraw it , but only withdraw it using Dash coin, it has almost the same fee but it is withdrawn much faster.
  2. You wrote this message in the offtopic section where paid messages are not counted, write messages only in those sections where they are counted and you will not have any problems .
  3. In the Google store, there are many apps that will help you gain subscribers, you subscribe to someone's accounts and they instead subscribe to you.
  4. The best option now is not to sell bitcoin and wait for halving since most likely all bitcoin will grow by 20-30%
  5. Websites are better suited for trading because they are often better optimized than created apps
  6. For me, this is very difficult because often in order to get the minimum amount for withdrawal, you need to invite 10 + referrals who will perform tasks, and therefore the minimum amount for withdrawal will accumulate, I can only invite 4-5 referrals.
  7. Maybe just in your country Play Market just hid this app for downloading ( I had this ), try just changing the IP address on your phone.
  8. I have tried a lot of faucets , in my opinion, the best faucets that are stable and pay more are faucets on sites. Apps pay pennies in comparison to them
  9. I used the application for trading from the Binance exchange , I found it inconvenient to trade through a tablet, everything is much easier and faster on a computer.
  10. Because wallets can be closed if they do not provide data about users (I think so) since you can use cryptocurrency to launder money.
  11. I do not think that it is completely confidential, if it did not have verification of users then it would be completely anonymous, and so we do not know where our passport data provided to the blockchain wallet then get to .
  12. Just try to go in incognito mode with a different IP address in the wallet, this should help you , or write to them in the technical support of the wallet.
  13. I think that yes, I am now doing everything possible to overcome the threshold of earnings in trading, which will be higher than in my current job.
  14. I think that Yes, it is possible if the project is really good, it can survive in such difficult market conditions.
  15. They are both good, but The blockchain wallet loses in functionality to the Coinbase wallet , although it is not your own wallet like the Blockchain.
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