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  1. I call it mindless trading when people start trading without any purpose. (earnings or something else), just thinking that they will be lucky.
  2. To do this, follow this link: and in the right column of the purchase, click on the number at the top and click on the green purchase button.
  3. Well, if you use it very rarely, then this is a good solution, and if you use it often, it is better not to do it, since you can remain without a bike and without money if the prices of cryptocurrency collapse.
  4. Just write to technical support and provide all the data that you remember about your account, they will restore it to you.
  5. Gambling is not a way to make money, it's just a way to kill time , and nothing more, it 's impossible to earn money on them all the time .
  6. Just buy bitcoin on reliable exchanges such as Binance, Bittrex , Bitforex, and wait until the bitcoin price reaches $ 15,000.
  7. I think that no, such an exchange as Binance will not risk its reputation and will not allow the data to get to outsiders.
  8. If this happens, I will still wait for bitcoin to grow in price, since I bought it at a price of $ 6000, and already in a good plus.
  9. They increase their price, the more people start buying bitcoin the more chances that its price will rise.
  10. I reinvest about 70% of what I was able to earn from the last investment, if I earned less than $ 500.
  11. I think that there are at least 10,000 of them , since new cryptocurrencies are created every day
  12. Because I think that after halving bitcoin, all cryptocurrencies will increase in price by 1.5-2 times.
  13. I think that Yes, but then the country should accept the cryptocurrency at the official level, so that it can be paid, otherwise it is useless to study it .
  14. Last month, I earned about $200 from bounties and airdrops, and about $400 from cryptocurrency trading.
  15. I think that Yes, I am already thinking about investing 100 dollars in InvestBox on the Yobit exchange, even with such a small amount it is profitable.
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