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  1. masternodes are very safe compare to mining. because you just need to setup the masternode at vps. and earn money while sleeping.
  2. i think best to way to learn about mining is youtube. its very to learn about mining through watching some practical tutorials.
  3. you should not write this on the mining section. this section is for only dicussing mining related things. so post this query at trading.
  4. this is right that today most of the cloud mining sites are scamming too much. i have also loosed 120 usd. and nicehash cloudmining is trusted and secure.
  5. in todays time asics are going to nagative value so no cause to mine with cpu. if you want to gain good profits then mine with asics. iam mining xmr 8 usd per asic in a day
  6. its impossible to gain profit in androids cpu mining. there mining software available but requires root. i really not encourage to mine android.
  7. there are many plateforms availble for fiat withdrawal for crypto. i personally like winminer. but it closed new registrations
  8. iam currently mining with scrypt algroithm of dogecoin in the aikapool. its profitable to me. i reccomend to buy specific algo asics for specific coin.
  9. almost all graphics cards are in nagative values even for altcoins. this also happening with asics, many asics are now not profitable.
  10. asics only can be used for mining nothing for any other. but gpu can be used in many purposes so you can sell gpu at good price.
  11. nvdia gtx 1080 was profitable but currenty most of cards are giving nagative profit. i prefer to use asic miners. they are much profitable
  12. no i have succesfully withdrawn 1000 doge from a cloud mining site that doesnt requires refferals and investments.
  13. i suggest you to always very sensetive to chose cloud mining pools. i have heard too much scam reports. you can go with nicehash, its most trusted.
  14. i recommed to avoid mining coins that have value lower than 1 cent. because most of them dumps very quickly.
  15. its most important to identify the hash rate of your hardware so you can easily calculate your hardware is profitable or not
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