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  1. Can anyone suggest me some profitable trategies? Iam currently trading breakout. Iam an experianced trader but still in loss. Pls share your strategies.
  2. hello guys i want to know how many years or month can asics survive? i really want to buy some asic with big investment. just want some suggessions.
  3. hello guys, i want to know which coins are most profitable to mine? many peoples saying that monero and zcash are most profitable.
  4. i really dont recommed anyone to invest in any kinds of cloud mining services. because nowadays almost all cloud mining scams.
  5. Hello, I really don't like exchanges that have menial withdraw system so I can avoid them. I really have bad experience about a exchange, they took 2 days to withdraw my funds. So this is much irritating
  6. Hello everyone, which qualities do you look in a exchange before trading on it? many peoples saying that volume is main quality some of them saying fee is main
  7. Hello everyone, can you help me to identify about lowest fee exchanges? Till now I have seen binance has 0.1%, thanks
  8. Hello guys I want some exchange names that run faucets. I really upset on closing of faucethub. Please provide built in faucets of exchange if you know.
  9. iam also looking for some earning oppurtonities. but not getting any stable, longterm earning. but lending requires very large funds for good earnings.
  10. thats called arbitrage trading. you can use tools to find profitable trading pairs and exchanges. you need big funds to make good profit in arbitrage trading.
  11. i never heard about paypals api for instant payment. so you need to buy from p2p or from escrow survice. those are little risky. i would recommend to use perfectmoney for buying any crypto instantly.
  12. i often use binance. because of their amazing trading volume and popularity. binance is really better response rate than other exchanges.
  13. i totally agree with you. yobit should reduce withdraw fees. 500 doge is too much high. i hope they will take steps soon.
  14. cpu and graphic cards are almost gone useless. so if you really want some good passive income then chose right asics for mining.
  15. yes its really profitable to mine zcash and monero. but the condition is you need good asic machines to always in be profit.
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