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  1. If you use cryptocurrency so you need a any kind of wallet so bitcoin is a as like wallet . there you can put your money very easy and transfer your money very smartly.
  2. It is a very simple matter because it also like that a business so when you start any kind of business you can make money and you can also lose money but if you have a more patient so you can recover it so must make a patient and try again and again.
  3. I Think It have a next target around 10k Dollar. If you see market analysis in bitcoin so you can also understand how it can be go in the next time.
  4. Most of the people think trading is a gambling but i know it is a not gambling. If you have a good knowledge about cryptocurrency then you can know it very well today.
  5. There is no restriction for Bitcoin Trading. I have a account in localbitcoins and i'm making a purchase in a day. so you need to verify your account then you can start trading
  6. Trading is a very simple task if you have a good knowledge about crypto so you can make a good trading. If you make a some money in a day so you don't have any panic. so be patient and start trading again.
  7. This is a mother of trading. Crypto Trading And Forex Trading Is a Best One In this online industry. I know very well about this trading so you can also use both trading if your want.
  8. For Bangladeshi People Can't trad with Coinbase because Coinbase not support trading in Bangladesh. As i know Coinbase is a great platform for trading in usa and others country.
  9. Wow It is a great source for helping in my trading. I want to trade with low amount but if i follow your strategy so i can make a good money in your trading.
  10. Your Plane Is really Amazing. I see your plan and i hope if your follow this full system in your trading you must make a best result in your successfully life.
  11. in this online industry there are so many exchange for trading. If you want to start trading so you need to analysis some trading platform then you can try
  12. ukboss

    Bitcoin Price

    It is very difficult to thinking btc price where is go but most of the expat says it will be more valuable in December. If You have huge btc so you must hold it.
  13. If you want to start cryptocurrency trading I think you need to to gather use knowledge about cryptocurrency trading here is no place for copy because it is the most unique trading platform
  14. I am also support because at the moment holding is the very best thinking because if you have a lots of money you can hold several coin for your future
  15. I follow your trading platform and both are very MI latest and very valuable trading platform so you can use any kind of trading platform for your trading
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