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  1. So put that in mind along the process some of the crypto will succeed, while most of them will fail. Crypto is still the way forward
  2. crypto will become a currency for future, i think with the growth of crypto, this will become trust in future, and the technology of blockchain is so too advance
  3. the crypto currency is good but the traditional money can be replace, so i think both of them will exist in parallel
  4. Regardless of the current growth, it will be foolish to think Cryptos are not going to be the future, because there is just no way that it won’t be part of the future.
  5. Crypto was created with that ambition, the current situation is just because it’s not yet stable and when crypto grow up, it can replace the fiat system soon
  6. So We must be patient when the price goes down.
  7. fear is the main reason why people do things they are not supposed to do, for instance, FOMO selling or buying.
  8. when you hold a cryptocurrency, then you must always be careful. theft and fraud is most likely to occur in cryptocurrency. and no one is responsible for the loss you receive when all that happens to you. of all that, you also have to know that greed can also make you poor. for example, you want big profits and you put all the assets you have in cryptocurrency, and that is very risky for yourself
  9. people always sell their coins in panic selling they are always afraid of loosing their money mostly newbie act like this and they repent later. So one should always remain positive whether market is dropping and should not act in haste.
  10. in my opinion the other is ignorance. People easily become hyped or fo'ed because they only rely on other people's opinions and don't want to read or think for themselves.
  11. hence the need to not get bored in learning in the crypto world so that they are ready to face any situation that can cause losses caused by panic
  12. they are less fortunate about time, time to buy, hold and sell, because of the lack of research on the coins they buy.
  13. A lot of people sold for a loss in 2014, that much is sure. The main mistake they made was not buying back in when the charts looked healthy again by 2016. If you sell for a loss you won't want to risk buying again.
  14. usually the problem is those who trade in panic conditions and cannot control their patience so that traders make mistakes.
  15. not possible and this will just create confusion to people.
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