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  1. It does matter, but the situation will be different. BTC reaching its limit can go to the Sun. I am not sure that ETH will grow like Bitcoin
  2. If I think the price of ethereum will not be able to exceed the current bitcoin price. because the value of bitcoin is also the highest.
  3. Ether is a very good coin that has the ability and capacity for it's price to go higher, but it would be imporsible for the pice to grow just like the way Bitcoin did.
  4. Of course, ETH will grow like Bitcoin. ETH is a very potential coin with its multi-purpose. I think only a little coin with multi-purpose, indicates that ETH has its own way to grow. And I think ETH will lead all altcoins to develop.
  5. Actually there is no doubt that Ethereum will come back its previous position again but it will exceed BTC it can not be predictible. BTC is totally separate from all tokens still. All tokens compaire with BTC. Market also flactuate with BTC. So BTC will be top ranking always i think.
  6. ETH and BTC are good assets in the crypto space, and the mark between ETH and BTC is relatively high. ETH cannot grow like bitcoin to be in same price, but ETH will grow in its one way in making new heights. ETH can get to a new peak as the market gets stabilized and renounces back to its price.
  7. will be able to do it, ethereum has many supporters and has the potential to grow bigger, and can grow like bitcoin.
  8. Bitcoin is the basis of all cryptocurrencies that made it as king of crypto. Ethereum couldn't be the king for now because bitcoin is active and very potential.
  9. Some experts are already appearing that in the coming years, ethereum may overthrow Bitcoin from the leadership of cryptocurrency, reaching a price of $ 15,000. I also quite admit this possibility. Now, except for the name Bitcoin, in fact, from itself is nothing. If in the coming months ethereum will be able to implement the planned improvements and it reaches the scale of hundreds of thousands of transactions per second until it becomes very real.
  10. Yes I think Ethereum will grow like bitcoin, I see ethereum is very potential and so popular now. It is smart contract and will be needed.
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