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    If you want repetitive profits then it's just best to analyse the 1 month market and calculate the average price and if the BTC value now is higher then just sell, if it's low then just buy and sell/buy them when they change the direction.I earned fine profits doing this but I never had big bankrolls so just fun for me but it is working for me.
  2. I have used a lot of websites/wallets and even exchanges for keeping my altcoins balance but the best and I would say the most reliable and easy to use has been EXODUS please try it once, I loved it and hope you too like it.
  3. Please tell me how to contact you because I will be more than happy to do this task, I have experience of 6 years with photoshop and looking for tasks online. Please feel free to PM me.
  4. You might want to check 1xbet because someone told me they have the best odds and everything but I never tried it myself so I cannot vouch for them, I can personally vouch for sportsbet io and cloudbet and fortunejack had issues in past so I dont want to try that site.
  5. I cannot comment for others but gambling almost ruined my whole life before I got lucky and some friends and family saved me from loosing everything. Believe me, its destructive and can ruin your life in a few months, I had taken loans and was drowning deep but thank my friends and family for saving me at the right time and now I do various tasks for living but no gambling.
  6. If you ask me, there is no limit you can loose in gambling. I mean, you have a balance of 0.05 BTC suppose and you think that you would stop if you loose 0.01 but trust me, the addiction to gambling is such that you won't stop before you loose all 0.05 BTC you had. That's because we all want to recover what we lost.
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