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  1. Everyone here makes money with BTC and they can earn a lot of income. We have to look forward to the income of Shekhar will not go away
  2. Here is a good post for the new day. I would say you can find out if you need anything. Most of the posts are posted here. So I would say the Johnny thing I need to post for it
  3. The default is crypto currency 1658. There may actually be more currency here. I know there are so many coins to use. If it is wrong then forgiveness
  4. We need to use Perfect Money to take our money out of pocket. You can move these pockets out of your pocket in your wallet
  5. Everyone here is new. You post good things for them so they can know better. They need to know it, they will learn from you. So it is good to post a newcomer
  6. Opportunities like Yobit do not seem to be available anywhere. For us it is best to use it. They protect our coins here. And it is a good site to earn profit from here
  7. Either you are right. Here are some suggestions for new ones. They are given an explanation of how the new situation should work. So new work is done in this area
  8. We have some risks here. For example, if we lack knowledge about crypto, do not know how to be embarrassed, then we can have problems. And the investment is less about how to invest then the risk is in the investment. What is more, how to do business here, we have to go. There are risks to all of this
  9. If to get more followers. We can get through the posts here. Following the comments will increase our knowledge. This way we can raise more followers
  10. Yes, the new rules are working here. They are given income earning rules for working here. I think they are working on that rule, they can be in danger if pulled
  11. Bitcoin has been banned in several countries. They do not allow it to be used legally. Therefore, buying credit cards is not easy. I think it would be easy to use them with a credit card
  12. Bitcoin is an online currency. And it appeared in 2009. It took so long to reach us. We can deal with it online, so we call it digital currency.
  13. We need to know from the full members if we need anything here. Because they can give us a good idea about it. And if there is a problem they can edit. So you should know from them
  14. Yes. Newcomers should stay away from scams while working here. They're a lot here, with little sense of belonging. So if they have to stay away from it for the better, then it will be beneficial for them.
  15. We can write some good topics here. For example, if you want to know something about crypto, I can do it. Or we can do it on how to invest or do business. With these shots, we can tap here
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