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  1. You can by now cause sooner, BTC will be up again. Holiday season is coming, so you better watch out for the gains. Just be ready, don't cry if you lose because that is investment. There is no perfect decisions. Whatever happens, you should accept it and move on. That's it.!
  2. Obviously it is only a typo error. Let's just wait for the update of admin. For now, let's just continue to spread this new forum and contribute crypto news and knowledge to help each one and another. Don't think about the payment now.
  3. Yobit is the first exchange site that I joined in. I never encountered any problems on them, the withdrawal is smooth. My only concern is, I hope they will less the transaction fee for bitcoin. Thank you.
  4. Please add also Philippines on local board. I have social media friends here in crypto world that can join here. My another concern is, how legit this contest is?
  5. I found out also this forum because of Yobit. Is that means, cryptotalk.org and Yobit are having a partnership? Or does Yobit owns this forum?
  6. I've been part of Yobit signature also before way back 2016, I don't know if I should wear the signature codes now. I'm worried cause of my red trust left by Lauda (felt on their trap).
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