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  1. This crypto war is absolute and If you can't beat them, join them.Then embrace, extend, extinguish. Then beat them. With metal rods.
  2. Yeah i heard about it on reddit and give it try. This is actually pretty good exchange. What they did for ukrainian users with their 'kunacode' is amazing. Basically it's like shadow market for buying/selling crypto for fiat while avoiding all fees and bank transfers to exchange.
  3. Don't know man. I thought it would take a minute or two like binance or all the other exchanges. Withdrawal to bank... OK that make sense that it would be slow, but a withdrawal to an ETH address? it takes forever.
  4. I think most Euros are already digital -- mere entries in a centralized database of bank ledgers. It has been this way for a long time. Also i read about France to experiment with digital euro in 2020
  5. I think pretty soon the Bitcoin rally will plateau for a little bit and then we'll see an alt coin boom. I imagine it'll probably alternate like this over the next year. BTC dominance will fluctuate but stay between 40 & 60%
  6. But be careful if you use those account under one IP address, your payments are going to freeze. they can auto detect this type of spamming and trust me man they are not going to undo any restriction they applied.
  7. Well am agree with you. Coinbase and binance are the best exchanges Coinbase will give you free $10 after make a transfer of $100 while Binance will give you 10% kickback.
  8. Hashimi


    Well dude at least share the link of the site or any forums to get some information about it. you just copy and paste some different titles with no information about how they works and whats is the reputation of this site.
  9. Well in term of popularity, Binance is over the head. Binance is well-known for giving away cool prizes to its top traders. In the past, prizes have included iPhones, MacBooks, a Mercedes-Benz and even a Maserati! At the moment. on the other hand, Yobit is not much popular and have some issue too . but then you have good coins like SophiaTX that are retarded enough to add theirs there... retardation can be found even in good projects.
  10. Hashimi


    I heard they already distributed airdrops in past. I think it was around May 16 2019. * A total of 37,000,000 NPXS were distributed to those who transact according to terms and conditions. Hope this time i will get some of them in time.
  11. Its quit simple. This option usual use to transfer your coins and credit from one account of yobit to another. Creat your transaction code and confirm through email. then sand to the person you are willing too. Thee procedure of accepting transactions is same too. click to active yobit code and enter the received code press active.
  12. I have contacted yobit exchange online support and they just recommend that we submit samples to them. I've seen previous posts here and the problem has been occurring for at least a year. The best precaution we have taken is to configure multi factor authentication on our customers accounts and educate them.I recently received a security incident notice email from exchange about some of their enew polices.
  13. I think Coinbase's referral program is a complete scam. I give it ry and they didn't pay me.Know of any other exchanges with referral programs?.I've referred 5+ friends to coinbase and walked them step by step through the process of buying ($100+ each) and none of us have gotten any referral bonuses.
  14. I thought it's going to be something like etherdelta or waves dex, I need dex with a stable coin to execute my exit perfectly. now i think Binance chain will be 100% controlled by Binance node (tendermint dpos ) .
  15. I have about 0.01 BTC and some BCO on there. I'd rather not do the KYC and give them anymore information about myself. I've completely lost trust in them and my personal data is worth more.
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