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  1. Well in reality the safest solution is called a hardware wallet hardware wallet in combination with understanding how to safely secure and keep it. https://www.coindesk.com/information/how-to-store-your-bitcoins/ further resources here: http://lopp.net/bitcoin.html
  2. This app is really good. you can change your default currency by tapping on the three dots in the upper right hand corner, then Portfolios, then your portfolio (pencil on the right), then the currency. We plan to make it possible to toggle between multiple fiats and possibly other coins down the road.
  3. Well thanks for sharing man. In past, I used to do ipsos i-say last year but stopped when I started a new job. I don't know if it reached that point of no return yet, the point where its worthless because too many people know about it. You could try though.
  4. Its funny to see Centralized institutions are looking for the way to centralize block-chain securely, but it just can't work. Only decentralized block-chain is worth having, so that there are no single points of failure. If banks realise this and use their immense funding to create a truly open system that we can all participate in; then it has a chance.
  5. Well the market for collectible(new coins mostly) coins is almost a given. This has been a popular hobby for centuries, so I wouldn't worry about not finding a buyer, it's just that money wise, it's not a good investment.
  6. Well I feel that if traditional markets make some very brash moves, then we could see a bull run again a lot sooner then 4 years from now, a whole hell of a lot sooner, but we will have to wait and see till February or even into March 2020. I certainly will be on the edge of my seat until then.
  7. Well some traders believe that the report's conclusions triggered panic in the market and others do not. What are the reasons to believe that? Absence of other news? How about random fluctuation as explanation?
  8. In my opinion. Bitcoin is the top of chart followed up its stellar May with a very strong June. It is now only down -16% since January 2018 and is approaching the break-even point. Litecoin is a very distant second at -43% since the experiment began.Honestly dude, try not to let it get you down - though I know that's far easier said than done. I'm down by a similar amount and have put in an amount that most people would consider way overextended, so it sounds like we're in similar positions, but I literally don't care and I'm not letting it affect my mental health.
  9. I think there are many benefits such as having programmable currency, immutability, transparency, security, speed etc. This is going to more wholesale use rather than retail at least initially so its not like consumers will be able use Cdbc initially.
  10. Hashimi

    What is trading?

    Well its a process of buying and selling but here on internet its more like a process in witch exchanges and employees of an exchange get more market information than any one, often manipulate the market to profit off of others in many ways, insider trade, and are often massive whales themselves because many altcoins bribe them with a massive premine to get listed.
  11. I think start with Coinbase / GDAX which is one of the most reputable exchanges there is. I am having money depositing money with them right now but am confident it'll get worked out since Coinbase seems to be professionally run. Who knows though. Maybe I will be singing a different tune if my money is in limbo one week later . There app is best to do traders too.
  12. Hashimi

    HODL or sell

    If you lose your grip when market is little down, you are never going to make it. So in order to get some good profit, HOLD and wait for right moment to jump and invest to right coin at right moment.
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