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  1. I would have invested it in a place where i would gain alot more and than i can earn alot with the same money
  2. Yes the senior should start some conversation about different fact which will help us to get into the fact of reality about this forum
  3. Bitcoin changed my life so Undoubtedly because when i joined it i got so many surprises of earning and i got alot of money
  4. How can i convert my usdt in yobit please help me out it will be very much helpful please i want to know about this s please
  5. Yes we use crypto for making money amd social media for time pass so these are the reason and both are important
  6. How to convert coin into litecoin please i really want to convert but i am failing please help me out
  7. How can we get to know about that the topic is duplicate please help because its very hard to understand
  8. Which are the common question of crypto please may i get to know please it can be helpful please help me out please
  9. Lower fee withdraw coin ? Which one is that please help me to know it maybe useful to people like us please
  10. How can we withdraw from yobit to bank is there any way for this I havent seen anything like this please
  11. How to make comments which are useful and doesn’t get deleted please help me out it will be very helpful please
  12. Yes it won’t be a problem if u use both wifi and data for the same account u use but u cant use two if u does than i will be banned
  13. Yes how can i add my signature please is it possible if yes than please help me out please it will be very helpful
  14. Yes that will help them to learn more and more and than they can get more experience for that so its good
  15. Yes if u do than u will get ban or ur account will be block so be carefull about this and do according to the post
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