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  1. Indeed, having a good or high reputation is important. But to earn it, you must do well. If you're asking why the other members didn't give you a plus reputation probably because your posts are not informative. To gain reputation means you need to be a productive member. Be mindful of your posts. Make sure you your posts do help others and this forum. Be respectful also. In that way you can increase your reputation.
  2. Indeed, let's share our knowledge about this forum and how we can grow. Let's share some strategies. I always believe in a saying "Battles are won by men but Wars are won by strategist". What I'm saying is that if the experienced member of this forum will help the newbies, will educate the newbies about the forum by sharing their experiences, then we will all grow together. No one will be a victim of scam and we can make this forum great.
  3. I agree with your opinion. We are really learning while earning. We get to meet new friends and interact with them. We are learning new knowledge about cryptocurrency. And I agree with you, I will not leave this forum when theu stop paying us. Being able to share my knowledge and opinion is enough reason for me to stay here.
  4. Yes, I agree. But luck isn't always around. There will be a time that the a lucky person will not earn constantly. We need to be a hardworking type of person. When you are hardworking and have a knowledge about cryptomarket, then you'll be better than a lucky person. Action is better than luck.
  5. Yes. It is a good habit that you are prepared and sure before posting. Review your topic or comment before posting. It is good when it is informative. Have it checked on internet if your information is true and useful.
  6. Indeed, a high/ big reputation is good. But it does not always connected on how big you will earn. Reputation only means that you are doing good, your posts are very informative and helpful. It means also that you don't have violations. Maintain a high reputation. It will help you.
  7. I agree. Most website that requires kyc verification are malicious. It might have virus or scam. It might steal your identity. But also, be mindful always. If your cautious enough, you'll be safe. But don't easily provide your identity.
  8. I agree. We should be prepared in creating or posting a topic. Let's be mindful of what topic we are posting. Avoid creating unnecessary topics. Some member here are just creatinh topics without thinking if it fits the forum. Let's be responsible.
  9. I agree with this topic. It is a good practice. Reading improves your vocabolary, your knowledge about construction of sentences, correct grammar, and proper use of punctuations, period, etc. To be a good writer, you must be a good reader. Spend time in reading. It helps to gain more knowledge, so you are able to share to through writing. And your posts will be more informative.
  10. I agree, let us keep this forum better. Be a responsible member. This forum helps us and so let us help forum back. Let's make this forum better. Let's post informative topics and grow as a family. Let's not think always about the money. Let's make this forum better for us.
  11. Yes indeed, cryptotalk help many lives including my life. Cryptotalk help us to have an extra income. It changed us and helping us. Cryptotalk also has an informative topics that we can learn from. It also help our vocabulary. It helps us both in financial and in social.
  12. Indeed, let's be a responsible member. Follow the rules, terms and conditions of this forum. Posts something that is informative. Be responsible for your actions. Be a good member of this forum. Comment appropriately. Don't just post anything.
  13. Yes mate, you are right. Everyone are being affected by this pandemic. Some are losing their jobs, some are experiencing hunger, malnutrition, and even depression. Here in cryptotalk, it helps us. It is a big help for us. To earn money to buy our needs, to interact with other people here in forum to avoid depression. We are surviving because of this forum. And im greatful for that.
  14. Hi. There are no risk here. Your account is safe here. I think we should be taking caution to the messages we receive, it can be a scam. Just read the terms, rules of this forum and you will be safe. Being a good member us the best way to be safe.
  15. Maintaining a healthy forum is best help we can give. Let's be mindful of what we are posting to avoid confusion. Make sure your posts are pointing out the topic and also informative. Don't just post anything to avoid being reported. Read the rules, terms and conditions of this forum and follow it. It will be a big help for all of us and our friends
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