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  1. There is a lot of apps in Google play you can find good one that is easy to you just try good apps that is easy to you and all people
  2. That is easy if you new you can go to the site than you choice your wallet pepperwallet is good but you must put your private key in safe place that is all things
  3. If you want to mine bitcoin you need to heigh miners that is need to very heigh capital of money if you have this capital start
  4. To secure your wallet you need to be away from scammers and all risks like that if you away from them you will be in the safe saide
  5. I stell invest but in bitcoin only I don't invest in any other coins or tokens I don't love them I afraid from losing so I invest in bitcoin only
  6. Ripple it is very good idea and I get very good profits every day I trade daily on it it is amazing to do that also etherum but you must be professional to do that
  7. My favourites coin sure btc it is the best coin ever I invest all of my capital in bitcoin and I will wait until 2025 I hope if I collect good earning
  8. You can start with low capital you can start with 1 $ but I advise you don't star if you don't have any experience just start with little amount
  9. For me I love trade with bitcoin it is very easy to collect your earnings but also trading with USD is good but I just new and I love trade with btc
  10. Telegram is an amazing application he helps crypto world to much I really love this application my first earnings from it I hope if I can earn more from it
  11. Good work man if you will work with that s way you will make very good knowledgeand you will earn good information about crypto world
  12. You can get more followers just if you make good topics or comments if your topic are useful you will take very good reactions from the people's
  13. I stay in it about 5 hours or more I need good profit so I keep online to make good profits from crypto world I hope I make good job
  14. That's is very easy to explains for all new people just try to explain for all new but basic just be patiants when you explain good luck
  15. Good topics if you want to earn from just browsing you can try brave anyway also you can earn from pre search also it is good for all one need earned from browsing
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