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  1. I usually don't try to keep my brain tension free, I prefer to make the brainwork the most effective and productive. It's not a secret that chocolate helps a lot, and this one is my favorite when I need to finish some serious project, and I have almost no time left to do that, and this chocolate actually makes my brain work.
  2. You can consult the best products from the page here with which you will find the best results with this page especially products in capsules for personal care with which you will have a healthy skin and above all you will take better care of your body in many incredible ways.
  3. I think that Telegram is the best messaging app. I don't know, it's just really convenient to use. I even thought about developing my own app, and I'd already found a Cross platform & Native development company that could come up with it, but then I understood that this market is pretty competitive, so I decided to forget about that idea.
  4. I don't think crypto will disappear from the radar or be swept off the board in the near future. That's why I started trading crypto. I think tight spreads can be quite justified by demand. I recommend you to read more useful information about this one way or another. Good luck in your search for the truth on the Internet!
  5. Free Bitcoin accounts are nothing new. If you know how to use trading, then there is no problem at all. I believe that if you have experience in finance, then you should further develop in this area. With the help of information on the forex onlinebroker trading site, you can get valuable experience for yourself.
  6. Good afternoon, friend! You should start working for yourself. To do this, you can start trading. Just to find out the basic info, you should read more articles on reliable sites. For example, read about what is spread if you want to start trading or get more information about finance. Good luck to you!
  7. JoWee


    I have never engaged in cryptocurrency mining, as I consider it an unworthy matter. I'd rather prefer using brokerage sites in order to engage in crypto trading. I recommend you to read more information about Bitcoin Revolution, so that you fully understand the essence of the subject.
  8. I think it will. At least everyone is committed to the fact that bitcoin or another cryptocurrency will become the world currency. On the one hand, this is cool, but on the other, it will bring a lot of problems for those who haven't invested. I started trading recently using one of the platforms for Canadians looking to trade crypto that I found on this site. Hope I'll succeed.
  9. To be honest, I have no idea how to protect myself and my money from scammers, because they have very powerful tools with which they can hack even the most reliable systems. It might be worth using Crypto Affiliate Programs, which are considered more reliable systems. I hope that I will be lucky and will not become a victim of fraud.
  10. As far as I know, many people decided to start playing online games with cryptocurrency because it can be money-making, but I don't think there's a need for using such apps when it's possible to profit even by playing cs go. People can sell csgo skins for cash and raise good money if the skin is rare, and I think it's way easier than all playing crypto games.
  11. I don't really understand cryptocurrency, as I'm mainly engaged in mining and trying to figure out where to buy and how to earn. On the Internet, I buy asics for my farm at a very good price, for which it is really possible to buy a new asic. By the way, with the money I got, I also bought an ajax security system for my house. This turned out to be a very good investment, as I am very afraid that someone might break into my house and steal my video cards.
  12. Hi mate, it is a good way to invest your money to get a house, but personally, I think is too much money to get it, to build a house, get some furniture, and then rent it, I decided an easily way on Bitcoin Era site in there you invest your money in Bitcoins or other cryptocurrency you prefer or you think is better.
  13. Well, the risks can be from physical, informative or lost, an example pages like Bitcoin Lifestyle promise to protect your information, passwords and accounts but something that they do not tell you is that first when buying crypto you must save them and above all take care of losing the password or in your case some other situation merely of the social trait, the most basic thing is that the price goes down much more than what you get to buy.
  14. Like any business, everything can be a risk, a profit, the important thing is to know your environment, let's say the page I occupy is the Bitcoin Prime website and I feel safe occupying it but above all not under my guard, so I am always aware of what I am earning. And I keep a certain part and I make up the other in that way I can have a little storage for anything else.
  15. JoWee

    Trading bot

    I've never tried trading with a bot, but I've heard that it can be pretty profitable. What do you guys think? For now, I only trade on Immediate Profit, and even though I manage to get pretty good money for a beginner, I still wouldn't mind raising my income, so I'm thinking about starting working with a bot.
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