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  1. Bitcoin price is very unstable now. it's price is going up and down frequently. so now it's very difficult to predict Bitcoin price. but in my opinion it's could over 9000 dollars in the end of 2019
  2. if i bought Bitcoin in 2010 when it's price was only five dollars then i might become millionaire today. then I'll buy my own house and start a bike modified's business. because I'm very interested on it
  3. Bitcoin is the best crypto currency in crypto currency market. no coin replace with it. without Bitcoin, etherium is very good. they are well known and has a good block chain.
  4. yeah that is a very good news that many companies are using Bitcoin and get understand the true value and advantages of block chain technology. that's why they are interested to using it.
  5. yeah some can get rid from poverty who have the brave to take risk. they can get out from it. but the number of that kind of people is too low. so i don't think it can prevent poverty
  6. yeah I also don't think that Bitcoin price will don't go again under 3500 dollars. if it happened then Bitcoin can be destroyed. because at that time miners have to cost more than their income.
  7. crypto currency trading is very good for earning. but before trading you have to learn about it. otherwise you can make huge loss. so first learn about trading and then get good profit by doing trading.
  8. i don't think that it can kill or prevent poverty. because in crypto currency market if you want to earn a good amount of money then you have to invest some. which can not afford the poor people.
  9. for learning about crypto currency, you could follow some blogs and article website who are writing on this topic. again you can learn about crypto from this community
  10. this is a long term project. they published their community and paid people to writing here to attract them. they want to make this community on top rank. that's why they will remain this offer for many months
  11. yeah I can lend Crypto currency when I see that crypto currency market is going very down and will be recover in short time. at that time i could lend for buying crypto currency
  12. it's natural nature of the crypto currency market. always it's price is going up and down. it's normal. there have nothing to worry.so be normal , the market price will be recover soon
  13. leon

    Why Panic

    there have many new commers who are not expert in crypto currency trading. they get panic if their coin price is going under their buying price. that's the main reason for loss their money
  14. if you expectation is going to be happened then it will be very good for all of us . but many people doesn't understanding the real value of this. that's why they are not accepting Bitcoin as payment option
  15. you do short term trading. in short term trading you make many trade which give you quick profit. and you are now get the test of quick money that why you can't hold coin for long time
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