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  1. Prices might still vary because it is never stable but I'd like to see for the price of cryptocurrency to still rise at the end of the year for a better start in 2021. We should have patience for the bitcoin to increase their value and wait for the right time to buy or sell.
  2. I think that it will be difficult for India or in any other country to create a cryptocurrency that is similar to bitcoin because bitcoin have so many achievements along the way and it's journey to become the best cryptocurrency that is widely used by the people
  3. it depends on the situation that I am currently facing. I like cryptocurrency in low price if I need to buy it and when it becomes high then it is the right time to sell it because you already created earnings with that stratergy
  4. Yes, you can transfer your currency from yobit platform to other wallet. It is a nice feature of yobit that allows users to convert and transfer money to different wallets with ease and I think that is a really great feature to have.
  5. If you want to earn cryptocurrency in a daily basis you can always use this forum to earn because this is a safe site because of its guidelines and I think that you can really earn money here in cryptotalk so if you are only starting you can start here in this forun
  6. For me If I have enough money to start investing into a real estate then I would but if I am only starting to earn and save enough money I will put it and trust cryptocurrency so that I can earn more and that will help me to invest in some houses or cars in the future.
  7. I have done so many external purchases using my collected bitcoin and not that direct usage of bitcoin to buy some stuffs because I find it hard and converting my bitcoin to my currency is more easier and I hope that it can be a new way of buying things using bitcoin and other cryptocurrency.
  8. Collecting bitcoin before is great in this forum but now I think that they have changed the system and introduce us to the talk tokens. I hope that it will be great just like before because I am collecting good amount of bitcoin before from this forum. Now you can browse for many site that can let you collect bitcoin and it is great because it is now more easier to earn.
  9. If you are starting only in cryptocurrency I can say that storing cryptocurrency and selling it once the prices have gone up is good and once you collected enough money you can now diversify your bank and put investments so that you can manage your money more and make it increase.
  10. Ethereum reaching that high have a chance like finding a needle in a haystack because it can be possible but certain conditions must be met so that it can happen. Altcoins is a go to cryptocurrency when the prices of bitcoin is high so I think that it is unnecessary for it to reach that high of a value
  11. It is kinda hard to say that he got it all planned because he might take advantage of probabilities and chances that might happen and we don't even know who really is Satoshi nakamoto and many people are trying to findout who he really is and what is his main objective in creating cryptocurrency.
  12. This is a really great way to revolutionize cryptocurrency and block chains for more because I think that many people now will find it easy to work with cryptocurrency now because they will have their own wallets stored on their mobile phones which I can say is pretty great.
  13. This is an eye opener for those who are not securing their money and they are not protecting their selves from scams. I hope that many people will learn from this and use this incident to become more aware that scammers are everywhere as long as there is money that they can target. I hope that the scammers will be apprehended and the victims will receive their justice.
  14. Yes, as far as I know yobit does have the feature that allows you to withdraw your tokens using your bank account and I think that it is great because it can be easy for you to withdraw money without using any third party systems.
  15. I am a crypto writer here in cryptotalk and I can say that I am enjoying my experiences here. I lack the qualities to be a good trader but I can say that even as a crypto writer I can still earn good amount of tokens before and I saved enough money for myself just because of writing.
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