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  1. I'll deposit my Bitcoin Yobit wallet. Because the Yobit wallet is best for bitcoin. Because Yobit is safe in the wild. With it, Bitcoin can be traded and invested. Yobit wallet is one of the best wallet in the world.
  2. In my opinion the Coinbase wallet is good. Because I got positive information about this wallet. And many have heard about the benefits of using it.It can be invested and traded. But I have never used this wallet before.i use a Yobit wallet. Because the Yobit wallet is easy to control.
  3. In my opinion the main enemy of cryptotalk is scammers and hackers. They also use crypto for work purposes. They work to defame crypto. They constantly work to steal all the crypto members' own information. Due to this, crypto has occasional technical errors. They are enemies of crypto and members like us. We need to stay away from them.
  4. I'm sorry that I can't give you any information on this topic. I do not know where the crypto was made. So I cannot give you any information about this. However, I will be able to inform you about this later.
  5. Many thanks to you for sharing such a useful information among us. And I don't get enough information from different people. There is much we can learn from your post. Thank you
  6. You need to post 30 daily. Do it in the middle of 24 hours. But if you do it carefully, you can finish your work in 3-4 hours. And you'll get 30k Satoshi for 30 posts per day.
  7. I'm sorry that I can't give you any information on this topic. I do not know when the crypto was made. Because I joined here last month and found out about it. Then I will be able to inform you about this later.
  8. I'm sorry that I can't give you any information on this topic. Because I never made bitcoin on the free. Never found a site where free Bitcoin is available. However, if I later earn bitcoin on this free, then I can inform you about this.
  9. You must first create a good topic and be on the crypto currency. Can't post any nonsense. There are different sections to post according to the forum. And you have to worry about posting well. So that people can get information from your topic. Then you will definitely get positive feedback on crypto.
  10. Bitcoin is a digital currency. The highest price is currently 9800 USD. By investing with bitcoin you can earn a lot of profit. It is a very easy and profitable currency to invest and trade. You can deposit through the Bitcoin Yobit wallet. Yobit is the ideal wallet for Bitcoin.
  11. Ethereum is a standard currency. It may cost less, but it is elegant currency. It can be invested and traded. Its prices will rise further in the future. Because the price of all currencies is low at first, its price increases slowly.
  12. I joined Crypto last January. My crypto life is very short. But I've learned a lot in these days, giving everyone lots of advice on crypto. I told you about digital currency. I'll be with Crypto for as long as Crypto is with us.
  13. CryptoTo is monitored with all digital currencies. And a lot of information about Bitcoin is available. Bitcoin is now at the highest rating. Most of the people who work in crypto trade and invest with Bitcoin. And with this, it is possible to make a lot of profit.
  14. If I can earn 1000 USD. Then I will use it for good works. I'll donate some money. I will also spend my education and whatever money I have left, I will use my family work. Because my family is very bad.
  15. Every day the price of all currencies in the world decreases or increases. Bitcoin's timing and its will be no exception. Because the price of bitcoin is the highest. Its prices increase or decrease daily. Its prices may drop daily. When its price goes down, its price will certainly increase later. There is nothing to be afraid of.
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