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  1. I myself do not know about this. Who or what is behind it. However, Satoshi Nakamoto is the founder of crypto or bitcoin. He is behind it all because he is hiding from it. So that no one can harm him.
  2. Those who do such things never like the good deeds of others. They are involved in most scandals. They want to destroy many accounts. And report their behavior directly to the administrator.
  3. Many say the bitcoin market has collapsed due to the Corona virus. But I think it's not just the root cause of the corona virus, it's because of the adverse effects of the market. However I think it will return to its former form very soon. And with that I think the price will start to rise in the month ahead.
  4. Most of those who are banned from here post quality posts. Paste copy by posting invalid. They cheat like this. They should be banned because of this. There is no point in doing so if you spend some time on crypto you can learn a lot. If you do not have to copy and paste the post will not be low quality. Then an idea will come up in your own blog and it will be very easy to post. And people from countries where they are banned make such posts. And for them, crypto will never be legal.
  5. I think the main reason for not posting to those older members is their own lives. Because they've been involved in a new job. Or get a job somewhere better than Crypto. Which is why they don't do too much work in crypto.
  6. In my opinion there is no difference between a token and a coin because the smallest part of the coin is called the token. When you are not going to earn coins you are going to earn bitcoin you will be paid a small amount of money such as 1000 Satoshi for every post on crypto. And this 1000 Satoshi is basically a token.
  7. In my opinion, BTC Ethereum and Litecoin would be best for investing as these prices are tolerable even when prices are low. They are very expensive. So I think if investing, these coins should be done by.
  8. Thank you so much for sharing such information among newcomers. Because for beginners it is important to have a post like this all the time. There have been similar posts in the past but they have been lost in the crowd of many posts. But truly thank you so much for posting such a. Through this post you will gain a lot of fame.
  9. I have never sold Bitcoin in my country. Because selling Bitcoin in our country is completely illegal. Our country has not yet accepted the crypto currency. Because they don't know how to use crypto currency. However, when they are aware of this, crypto currencies are considered legitimate in our country.
  10. An icon marked with a message next to the topic you post here will be completely blacked out. And the ones that are completely white, you haven't posted yet.
  11. I agree with you That crypto currency has an aversion. That is now happening with the crypto currency. This may be due to the Corona virus because the Corona virus has caused a huge decline in the global market. However, the outbreak of the Corona virus will soon subside and the crypto currency will return to its previous position.
  12. I'm sorry that I can't give you any information on this topic. But give me some time so I can search this issue and find out. And help you with information about it.
  13. If you can make your posts higher quality, they will only count on Yobit. Moreover, if you post substandard posts they will never count on Yobit. Each post should be at least 100 words in length. You should pay special attention to your posts. Only then will your post count on your Yobit account.
  14. I don't think it's a complete psychological problem. But this is good for you because now almost all users are losing money on account because of some small mistake they make. But I think the hoy send button should be checked for a while before clicking. Then there would be no such problem.
  15. BitcoinTalk is an old forum that they provide by member rank, so the only difference between cryptotalk and Bitcointalk is that they pay differently. There is no difference between the new and the old in crypto. They are all getting the same amount of money.
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