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  1. yes some time people get panic with a little change and uncertainty in market and this some time helps and some time ends in loss. Sometime people sell because they get panic and market bounce back after some time so its also uncertain.
  2. i think first step must be to study the market first, the graphs of coin we want to invest in. step two will be the check of certainty and uncertainty in the market, confidence of investors according to market. step three will be the market cap of the currency we are going to invest in and the interest of people in that specific coin.
  3. i will not say only luck helps you in trade bu yes its a huge factor to become a successful trader.
  4. gambling is a synonym of risk. its a game of pressure and check endurance of a person to gain and hold it, which is not an easy game. that is why i do not prefer gambling.
  5. i dont think crypto is going to disappear in future, but i think its use will increase. whole world is trying to transform their payment system through mobile apps and to digitized payment system. that is why i think digital currency will prevail as we know Canada has already launched their own digital currency in some of its provinces and china also want to launch their currency.
  6. you are right Forex trading is stable and less profitable thanks for explanation.
  7. haseeb ahmed

    Born trader

    born traders have luck with them and luck can make you best businessman, best trader or best in field.
  8. greed never help person or i do not have good experience with greed. i will never suggest anyone to greed for more, just try to be thankful on what you have or you can earn.
  9. no you should not just try to overcome your fears to earn money. if you have fear of loss in your mind you will never be able to invest in any market, coin or business.
  10. every one wants this who want to incur loss. We all want to buy on low price and sell it on high price this is what actual trading is or a profitable trade.
  11. daily trading can help you earn a lot of money but need full time. you must concentrate on trade every minute.
  12. its mandatory because there is still no secure way to recover your accounts and that is why many have lost millions by just losing their keys.
  13. no coin is stable. it depends on you how wisely you invest in coins. but i think ripple is more stable and chances of loss is minimum.
  14. and what benefit one can take out of it. i dont know much about reddit.
  15. yup crypto can make you rich if you are wise to use it in a proper way. there is still a space for many people to make profit out of it because many still dont know much about digital currency.
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