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  1. I don't think so, paper money is the real popular form of money so it will be the always the first priority of the people that's why there is way to get replaced by the cryptocurrency.
  2. Bitcoin was my dream but day by day it's getting complicated to me, Bitcoin price is getting crazy, there is no control over price, there is no authority over the platform, trading is going very low, Transaction volume is not going in a satisfactory way. so the dream is getting fed up day by day.
  3. Nobody knows about the truth of it, I think it's a mystery who's running this platform, but I don't have any people who knows about the Sotoshi, this topic will not work on our real purpose so it's nothing to me.
  4. I think apple will not attach to this platform because itself is a big platform so Bitcoin adoption is not their headache in the current situation.
  5. No. There is no problem at all, make your post about the real thing and count on it, I think you will find the real reason about your payment system.
  6. For me, trading is the best way to make profit from this platform if you have enough knowledge about trading but investing in Bitcoin is the safest way where low risk and low profit, So high risk could gain a high profit.
  7. I agree with you on this point, Basically Bitcoin is the best coin in this platform and it will be the same until this platform will alive because no one currency is not enough popularity and acceptability, that's why Bitcoin will be Bitcoin and altcoin will be altcoin in the future.
  8. For me, There are a lot of potential ways to become a fruitful for us but it's some bad side which is really harmful to us such as price volatility and insecure platform.
  9. If you want to make this one choice then only one reason you can hold Bitcoin, that is the future, You will get huge a amount of money if you can hold for the long term purpose.
  10. I am also trying to find out the best reason for price volatility, I think this is just happening due to a large number of holders are trying to manipulate of this system, thats' why it's not stable yet.
  11. When Bitcoin will be accepted around the world then price volatility will get a stable point, Not only that but also legal status would bring more advantages to this system in the payment aspect.
  12. This is the best time in order to invest money in this platform, I think if you can invest in Bitcoin then You may avail a good amount of profit within this year, so don't miss another chance to make a profit.
  13. I hope you don't mind anything, For me, Bitcoin is the only one coin which could be saved or stored for the future purpose, I think except Bitcoin, other coins is not much worthy as like as Bitcoin.
  14. It's a ridiculous aim of life to work with cryptocurrency, You know that cryptocurrency is a still newly born platform and people are not yet fully satisfied to this system, so it doesn't mean that cryptocurrency is a secure job, So think another way for your daily life.
  15. Of course, Social media is very useful in our daily life, every coin has both side so social media also both positive and negative sides, But for me, Positivity is more than Negativity in this platform.
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