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  1. I think altcoins dont have any future because there is too large quantity of them. They will born, live some weeks or months adn then will die. Altcoins is good to increase your money for a short time. I dont reccomend to invest in them for the long term
  2. Nobody dont want to buy or sell btc in last week. Every one want to see where the price will go. I think if wee dont see a sudden jump till the middle of december, than better go to fiat. But its only my opinion
  3. Ofcourse new users heard about that someone in 2017 invest 1000$ and for a short time turn back 10000$. And they want the same. But in that period there was more pumps, now 3-5% from deal is already good. Not many new users understand this
  4. Everybody wait halving and think that there is bull run of bitcoin in 2020. I think that so, but there is a 5-10% chance can be exactly the opposite. Many people wait a big price, but there isnt 100% garanties
  5. Perhaps crypto Is a new stage of economic progress. At first time there is iron and copper coins. Next time have appeared paper money. Then there is a credit cards. And now crypto is our future)
  6. No its not possible. If you will be have 100500 bitcoins you dont want to sell them for 1$ or lower. It makes no sense. People will always buy BTC. If it will cost less than 1$ people will buy it just for fun)
  7. Ofcourse its a risky to invest in crypto. But we do this not from good life. We work 8 hourse in day and ern 500-1000$ in month. Everyone want a good life without dependence from money. You must follow main rule. Dont invest summ much that you cant to lose
  8. I use exchange yobit net. They give more different ways of converting btc to rubles or dollars and than you can withdraw it to bank card, qiwi wallet, yandex money, and others wallets too
  9. Yes ofcourse. Sometimes you make a very hard analasyng of someone project. You sure for 100% in success. You invest money to this project and than lose all. And sometimes you invest money just for fun and then you turn back 2-3x from your capital. Its a luck)
  10. I think this coin is dead. I have NPXS from bounty campaing and when its start, the cost was nearly 300$ of my npxs. Now its near 10$, but the quantity of coins is bigger in my MEW. The last news that they was burn a part of coins. It was interest project, but its not implemented
  11. 1 BTC its not a big summ now. I will hold them for better days. I believe that he will growing up next few years. If i will wrong i dont worry about it. 1 btc dont make me richer right now. When it will be coast 100k-400k$ it will be much better)
  12. Its a good platform for the new young users. Who dont have much experience in trading. And for others too) Yobit have got a very conviniet deposites and withdraw's to any card or different systems like qiwi or yandex money and even mobile balance
  13. Its a bad idea to holding altcoins. Many people is knowing only btc. And top 10 coins from coinmarket. And they buy only them. The price of other new altcons could growing up, but later is down. Last time when btc rise up quickly other altcoins are falling
  14. Very often new users buy Yovi by a mistake. They dont read careflly rules of exchanging this coin. They see at first on trend and see that price is always growing up. And than buy it. But than they cant sell it for a long time. And than start typing in chat "why i cant sell yovi". Read rules attentievly)
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