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  1. It you wanna join campaign, visit: yobit.net/en/signature
  2. Cool! I just talked to Yahoo and he confirmed that Yobit contacted him about signature management. Although they are still to agree terms, it would be nice if Yahoo manages CyptoTalk campaign.
  3. Are you referring the statement of Yobit representative on Bitcointalk back in April or has someone made new statment. If yes, can you show the source?
  4. It's good that you aiming a direct competition with bitcointalk through huge spending in marketing. But to make pay per post more effective, it would be better if you create more sections on forum. 'Crypto World' doesn't signify anything specific, it's more of the general section. You need to re-think the names of the sections and increase them. Also, why only Russian sub-sections? Why not other languages.
  5. I can't see reason why YoBit is not hiring any competent manager to manage campaigning on bitcointalk. They are spending hundred of thousands but without proper check, whole campaigning may turn negative one which instead of helping cryptotalk.org may further blur its image. It is high time, that they hire some on-forum manager (suggestion Yahoo or DarkStar_) and conduct on-forum campaign rather than rooting it through YoBit.net website.
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