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  1. I am thankful to my sponsor of DLT Wallet and it keeps paying and monthly i have calculated i earned around 17% to 18% monthly and getting paid from last 2 and half months , i have post the proof of mine few days back as well, anyways it seems best to be for a now.
  2. it's nothing like the statement of yours and continuously and flawlessly getting revenue and it's up to 18% when you activate the AI D BOT , which generate the revenue and at the time you stop it revenue stops from that moment and if you kept crypto into the wallet you will earn nothing. I would say until and unless you wouldn't try and observe the platform then it's not worth say it's impossible as it's very easy to generate that much profit by simple trading , i don't know from which country you are and either you are not aware about trading. Please have a look to the screenshot for your refrence.
  3. yes, you can withdraw anytime and cancel the AI BOT and the staked amount will be returned back to your respective wallet and you can withdraw at any moment. You can transfer any amount over DLT wallet , Let suppose you transferred $100 and $50 you want to put on AI D BOT , then you will receive daily revenue from 0.35% to 0.45% this you will receive as a DLT Token and same you can exchange to BTC,ETHand LTC and withdraw from there,also there is no minimum contract if you like to cancel the activated BOT you can cancel it and you will get the exact staked currency immediately and make withdraw to your BTC wallet address at any moment, Register your self then you will find it's very simple , no complexity i found there.For more refrence you can have a look to video. Let me share the screen shot , i have shared previously as well,
  4. I can say DLT is best and , i just loving it and recommend guys , Just for a try you can hold least up-to $50 and no locking period at all. Everyone should have to try this newbie for sure Thanks
  5. The scenario is quite different the comparison between HYIP and the wallet and without entering into the system you can't judge DLT wallet paying tokens not the exact interest and that you need to convert from their internal exchange , So the understanding of the system is more important rather then just scared and giving prediction, Your prediction will be valid once you are into the system and even the low you can test with minimum $50 Predicting something far away from the system is too easy as i am using DLT wallet approx from last 40 days and come to know how this exactly workout.
  6. As per my opinion DLT wallet is the best and safe to use and same time you can earn something.
  7. I am quite surprised , Even 18% is not much for the traders who do real time trading and if it's being done in large amount then it's quite easy to generate that much and i have being paid and all works fine. Anyways wait and watch and that will be good rather then just predicting the rate of the Bitcoin and no one can guess what exactly the price would be next day weather it will be down $2000 and up $3500.
  8. coins and that you need to convert from internal exchange.
  9. You can have a look on what date i have activated the Ai BOT and you can have a look the revenue page , it will show what daily revenue i am getting also recent withdrawal i have took on January 4th 2020 on History page. They are really doing fair enough and don't forget to take away my referral link I believe attached screen shots makes clear to all
  10. Yes with the DLT wallet you can hold the crypto currencies but apart from that if you hold money with their AI D BOT then they will give you reward as DLT Coins and with the internal exchange you can exchange the same in BTC,ETH and LTC , But seems only the conversion available is with DLT to BTC only.
  11. It's correct for holding they are paying off and i have calculated they are claiming it to 18% per month but actually in a month i earned about 16% from But fair enough as per my opinion. Man Coinbase is also a wallet and they do start such campaigns to attract users and as far as is concerned that is what they say , Highest interest paying wallet in whole industry.
  12. You might be correct at your point of view but after seeing the legitimacy i have proceeded and found good one as per me, No risk no gain and no pain no gain. It's completely up to you i have just shared the honest opinion of mine as per the R & D done by me.
  13. Hey !! I have created my account with DLT wallet and it pays off and it's true, Very systematic and seems detailed project , i have created my account 1 month back and and holding more then $2000 there , but all together more or less they are paying approx to 18% , I personally recommend and i found none other then with such a technical sound concept. Also the hierarchical referral income and that is up to 15 level . Take Away my Referral link
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