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  1. I don't really use telegram now due to many suspicious links that were sent and some bots were suspicious too. I don't know what happened to telegram when crypto emerge, it became risky.
  2. Yeah. Buzzbreak is really nice. I made cash outs from that application and it's really paying. It also accepts gcash payment already but it'll took long before you receive it so you can use PayPal .
  3. I have brave browser but I haven't earned BAT. I watch an influencer that even if you're in Facebook, you can earn BAT but I havent. It is still.0.0 and i don't know why.
  4. No i don't invest in hyip sites because it's high yield and you can't assure that it will last for a month. Most hyip sites were really into closing in weeks and you might not get your money back. Be careful with hyips too.
  5. Gambling is not really good to soend your time in it. It's like a win or lose situation. It is indeed addiction because some can't stop if they haven't earned more. The more they bet, the more risky it is.
  6. Yes. We know that there are some who were really not fluent in speaking the English language and i can suggest using google translate for that so they can also cope with the forum language.
  7. Exactly. Even if you have more comments on one topic, it'll only be counted as one because it's gonna be merged and you'll only have one payment for that.
  8. I have always use coinbase and it's offering me convenient also but when it comes to gambling, I do not really engage in that because it's just gonna waste your cryptos.
  9. Cryptotalk apps might be laggy, I always prefer websites because you can also save from memory spaces. But I don't think there is an official app created by the cryptotalk moderator.
  10. BFast is nice and you can just earn satoshi whenever you wanted to. Yes, I have received my payment but it's too little and it's not worth yo spend my time in that app although it's paying.
  11. When it comes to applications, we can't really assure that it'd paying because most apps that's paying needs more efforts but you're gonna spent so much time in it. That's why i don't have any apps to suggest.
  12. Free bitcoin is nice too but sometimes it pays you too little and you can't even earn that much. You have to spent most of your spare time just to earn bitcoin.
  13. I wouldn't really prefer an application for cryptotalk because if it's gonna be an app then there's a possibility that it's gonna be laggy or not all users can download it especially when it comes to storage maintenance. I would prefer website.
  14. I also see on the internet about an influencer using a trading bot and it's helping that person earn more percentage. Like how profitable it is to have a trading bot but it's not wise to stay on bots for aing time.
  15. I only engage in cryptos this year in january and I learned about it through my friend's information who's been into crypto since last year and she introduced me to cryptotalk and yes, now I'm more interested in earning btc.
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