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  1. You have a point. Cryptocurrency was created in order to avoid the rules of a centralized form, but, unfortunately, some companies used cryptocurrency to control their assets.
  2. I think because most people do not trust them. Most of all they trust Bitcoin, so they invest in Bitcoin without this coin. This is why Bitcoin is the mother of all cryptocurrency.
  3. Yes, myetherwallet safely store our Erc20 tokens. In fact, myetherwallet is an old Crypto wallet, which is the most popular among all users. We must use this wallet.
  4. in fact, I did not think that this could happen, because Yoda is not a coin plan that opens through sales. And Yoda is a free coin in the form of Yobit. And Yo is definitely a lot from Yoda. therefore, on the cards you cannot find a speed that matches Yo, as an alternative, it makes you useless.
  5. A website without the cost of this term is a cryptocurrency currency, with which, as I understand it, it is connected, and also, I will say, this is only 1 point. This is cryptocurrency along with iobit as part of their payment by mail.
  6. Digital currencies are a broader term that also includes cryptocurrency, but digital currency itself is a broader term, so it includes everything that matters on the Internet.
  7. There is no problem that a malignant program can replace the location of the wallet. However, we should get this if the place has a double replacement, and at this stage there is no good reason for this.
  8. If China again allows miners to mine bitcoins, then, I believe, it will not develop, and miners will not trust it, because in the near future, a ban for the second time could threaten attendance. But if he spends the selected time without any prohibitions, then after that the goal of caution must be achieved, and in addition to raising prices and the level of acceptance of bitcoins, he will increase
  9. I would also ask him if his conscience is gnawing when he finds out that criminals use his creation to hide from the law. How he managed to create a system that they had been trying to crack for years and somehow hinder its development, but nothing came of it.
  10. Sure, individuals can access bitcoins, there are many people in the cryptocurrency who are somewhat dependent on digital money, and they just put all their energy into online trading and meetings without doing anything, but they just are.
  11. Bitcoin is a former cryptocurrency that can be demonstrated. After Bitcoin becomes available, it will become operational and world famous. in a good mood to make bitcoin fast and for the community in the future
  12. I think that many companies currently use blockchain, products that use blockchain technology do not have to be cryptocurrencies, so this may be an application that you use every day, already using blockchain technology.
  13. Essentially, Opera’s proposal is to allow users to pay with cryptocurrencies directly from Opera’s Crypto Wallet. Opera now supports online payments using cryptocurrency, where there is support for sellers, as well as sending money from wallet to wallet and interacting with applications.
  14. Best of all, if you saw a video on YouTube, you will learn a lot. I tried to follow some traders, but did not get good results. The following signals are not a trading decision.
  15. When it comes to forecasting cryptocurrency prices, it’s not so simple, and I don’t really rely on it to make my investments or transactions, because they will one day fail you and lead to losses )
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