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  1. I also consider Ethereum as the father of Altcoin and I think eth deserves it. It is No. 2 in the market and is the first altcoin with the best technology, built on the blockchain and always growing at a stable but somewhat slow pace.
  2. After 10 years I hope that I am still here and working here like now. I hope that Cryptotalk will become more popular, it will be the discussion forum of everyone in the world. It will have the app and be listed as one of the best websites.
  3. Bitcoin is the dominant currency, it is at the top position and it is leading this increase. other currencies are always influenced by bitcoin, bitcoin increases, so does the altcoin and vice versa. so this is a collective increase. But not all currencies are affected. Only the coins have the capacity and position.
  4. With the electronic income from this site I mainly withdraw money and spend daily, sometimes I make a small donation. I have my own investment and trade that profit only for the next time saving.
  5. I'm not sure because everyone will have their own views, how to allocate time and profit ... for me personally, I think I will still consider cryptocurrencies as my second job and time allocation, doing both the good, I also need stability
  6. My choice was never tap, I left it because it paid so little and I absolutely did not come back. The advertisers there don't care, it's a scam or it pays too little. I stopped with it and I have no regrets
  7. Yes. coronavirus has greatly affected everything. This is sad news and I think Japan has been greatly influenced by this problem. Fortunately, the coronavirus is under control and everything seems to be back to normal. The plague is really scary
  8. hmm, what the news is this, I don't know about it, I heard about China actively supporting cryptocurrency. but this site filtering is really hard to understand, I don't know what they want to do. This is like banning bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies
  9. Thanks for sharing. I am familiar with these terms but I know someone will need it. These are all common and mentioned terms. Your explanation is relatively correct. I want to add a little bit about blockchain, it's a technology.
  10. This is a matter of putting semi-automatic values at yobit. This is automatic. You can completely adjust to your desired price, click again and record the appropriate price. or you can buy and sell yourself.
  11. can not. I own these 2 coins and I know how it is. now and the future about 3 years ripple still can not surpass eth, it is inherently incapable. ripple needs to surpass $ 1 in the future, not eth.
  12. I think this is okay. This means that the investment is secure and I can count on my investment. I want to have a solid, secure and secure investment, so my old currencies are my choice. The new coins I didn't join.
  13. I really hope that EOS will be better in the future. Its value will also be higher. I see it as a prospect. all its things can guarantee it will add more value. $ 500 I'm not sure, if it is boosted and pumped hard then this value is possible. It's too early to talk about $ 500 with EOS. I hope it will grow and the price is higher
  14. For investors, bitcoin and ethereum are the top two coins I encourage to work with. Bitcoin is big value, so small investors might work a little. But no problem, you can buy 0.1 bitcoin 0.5 bitcoin. There are lots of cheap coins and very cheap but it's not really good and guaranteed to invest.
  15. Thanks for sharing. I just tried it and was surprised. This is probably a good site to see the fraudulent coins. I see a lot of money. I feel dizzy. It also has failed projects. I have added it to the important list that I need to note.
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