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  1. Yeah, bitcoin is ireversible and the blockchain is imutable. If this wasnt the case, it wouldnt be better than a paypal or credit card purchase.
  2. Is this related to the pay per post of this forum or the campaign on bitcointalk? Because if its on btt, this happens when you dont post for some time.
  3. The number of paid posts and current counted posts are now shown in your yobit payment page, so no need to do any math now. Just see the numbers.
  4. But people will need to make the number of posts back to earn again. So its a big problem. You make 2 posts and get paid, they get deleted, then you need to make 2 posts without getting paid because of the deleted ones
  5. Every website or provider that accepts btc. Its better to se the btc, then just get more than use dollars to buy stuff. this way btc adoption increases
  6. I use Electrum for BTC while connected to my hardware wallet, then I also use mew for ethereum and trust wallet for bep2 tokens
  7. Who doesnt like btc? Some people just dont like new ideas, but btc itself doesnt have any reason to be desliked.
  8. Just keep then in a hardware wallet which is the safest method of storing btc. If you cant afford, keep in a wallet like Electrum
  9. BTC is a great investment opportunity for the future. If you bought stocks of certain companies years ago you would be rich. Do this for your childreans and they will be rich.
  10. It can be a good thing. But you need to search and not just invest in any ICO just like it was some years ago in the ICO gold age.
  11. Not only this. The main reason of a potential pump in the next year is the halvening which can make bitcoin go up to $20k again and even more. We just gotta wait.
  12. So you dont mind when people lose money? Even if they are fools and addicted, its people money. You dont know what was that money. If it was a rent money or for they kids.
  13. Yeah, they need money to pay the bills. What a surprise. I mean that people dont use crypt oonly for $$$. This is part of the ecossytem to keep the network safe while btc isnt adopted. But you are crazy if you think btc was created for profit. Maybe you should read bitcoin's whitepaper.
  14. If anyone needs to change the username, just create a new account. I believe if you stop using the old one and only uses the new one its acceptable. The problem is using more than one at once.
  15. Indeed. When there is no control point, the demand controls the price. If someone wants to buy a ton of btc and make it pump, they can. If they want to dump 1 million and make it go to $200, they can.
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