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  1. It is good to know that more and more institutions and companies open their doors to payments with cryptos, for example in Colombia by a partnership between banks and individuals, now you can pay basically anything with BTC, each time we are moving towards a world shaped by the crypto world.
  2. Many banks use the excuse of suspicions about money laundering using cryptos, to freeze funds and sometimes use the money, it is clear that the ecosystem of cryptos is threatening for bankers, but it is ridiculous not to accept that the world and the economy advances.
  3. The problem is relatively easy to solve, you just have to place an order and wait for someone to decide to buy, since it is a ROM market, in which you can only sell more expensive, so it is a matter of being patient until they are sold , until then your funds will be frozen in YOVI
  4. It was about time that a tool of this type existed, the manipulation of the markets and the inflation in volumes is the bread and butter, especially with Asian exchanges, I find it curious that some values differ from those reported to coinmarketcap, This will help me when making operations and knowing where to invest my capital.
  5. Electroneum as a project is profitable in the long term, the base of the currency is interesting, however mining it is a waste of time, because the application they use is very poorly optimized, withdrawals are blocked, sometimes the coins disappear or simply it does not allow you to claim more power, it is best to invest the time in another project.
  6. The Indian market is one of the most profitable, due to the high demographic exploitation, therefore the number of possible investors is very high, it does not surprise me that with the withdrawal of the ban the market has rebounded, although they maintain very strict regulations and laws, that what is their goal to be lukewarm.
  7. Bitcoin is the base, the core of the ecosystem in which cryptos coexist, altcoins are an aggregate that has become necessary to diversify the market, however they suffer from a high dependence on Bitcoin, if the core collapses then altcoins would die sooner BTC reached $ 0.
  8. The diversification of a portfolio requires research, looking for various projects that can be profitable in short or long terms, this really is not very difficult, I for example worked only with platforms that have years in between, such as Binance, yobit and genesismining
  9. It is just an addition, the truth is that the phone does not stand out much, it has a medium performance, so it is difficult for it highlight in the market, the fact that it can mine is innovative but it surely reduces the life time that the device will have.
  10. I personally have avoided betting on the races since it is difficult to predict something about which there is no information, it is totally random, however the YoPumps are another matter, I am attentive to the races to know which Coins to buy and sell in the next few minutes, I usually invest $ 200 and earn 15/20% per pump that Yobit does.
  11. Cryptocurrencies are an asset that In my opinion would remain despite the global economic downturn, as people would turn to shelters such as gold or cryptos, therefore instead of seeing a fall we would see a rebound in the price of all involved.
  12. I think it's an interesting system, but I do not think they can keep it so long, finally it's done for traders who make a multitudes of operations a day, it has some conditions to be able to win, I did not know that this platform was the first to offer Exchange.
  13. I do not recommend blindly investing in Coins with increases where price manipulation is suddenly seen, the only way you can make money with those coins is when they have a low value and the pump just starts, if you do it after the coin increase, you will simply lose your money.
  14. Basically it is an establishment that takes care of those who are addicted to work, obviously addiction to anything always ends up being bad, but I think the title of the news is yellowish, they try to show an inappropriate image about crypto.
  15. Yobit currently only have the telegram bot to streamline some procedures, or quick exchanges, they do not have third-party applications or sites that offer the service, in the play store there are several apps that pretend to be official but none is endorsed by yobit
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