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  1. I have a question regarding the rehabilitation of payments in the accounts that were withdrawn from the campaign, I saw that the reconnection to the campaign could be requested, I did it but since then I have not received any information nor has the payment been restored, there are some solution? I'm meet the requirements.
  2. I understand it, this platform, which mainly offers to exchange currencies faster without having to place orders etc, is to my liking, but I also prefer traditional exchanges.
  3. Approximately how long does it take to restore payments to an account, 1 or 2 weeks? thanks.
  4. What is Changelly? More than an exchange or trading platform, Changelly is an intermediary service for cryptocurrency trading. It is a platform that has gained popularity for the type of service offered. It was founded in 2015 and, according to its website, has attracted a total of 2 million users. Changelly's interface is quite simple to understand as they are promoted as a direct service. The user simply specifies how much they want to pay and what they want to receive. Changelly calculates an approximate of what you will receive in the target cryptocurrency. But why is it different from other services? Changelly's idea is to allow its users to access a broader portfolio of cryptocurrencies and that they can acquire them directly with their credit or debit card. It has a fairly customizable application programming interface (API) that is used by other partners such as Jaxx or CoinMarketCap. Offering unique altcoins directly in fiat money is what has made Changelly stand out and attract the attention of customers. What cryptocurrencies can be traded on Changelly? In addition to bitcoin - which i recommend acquiring on lower cost platforms - Changelly offers a wide list of more than 100 altcoins. This service is beneficial for those who want to operate directly and simply, but keep in mind that the price of cryptocurrencies and the transaction fee are above average. What audience is Changelly targeting? Changelly's graphical user interface is extremely basic and easy to understand. Thus, it can be users with basic levels of knowledge. This type of services prevents the user from having to follow a complex process which consists of acquiring a base cryptocurrency (typically bitcoin, Tether or Ethereum), sending it to another exchange and performing an operation or ‘trade’ to obtain the altcoin of interest. With Changelly, the process is simplified using fiat money with your favorite credit and debit cards. Although the service is simple, some intermediate level users might also look for it to facilitate the process of buying altcoins. However, investors who use this platform to trade must have a certain minimum level of knowledge, since they must create a specific wallet for the currency they want to buy. Changelly does not offer a trading platform where orders with specific parameters are opened and closed. Simply specify the amount to buy for the selected digital currency. Thus, it is the equivalent of the basic Coinbase service, but it offers more cryptocurrencies and is available in more countries than the latter. how to use changelly? Register at Changelly Checking in to Changelly is very fast. It is probably one of the sites to buy cryptocurrencies that requests less data to enter, In order to buy cryptocurrencies on Changelly, you must open a digital wallet with a custom address of the corresponding currency. Establishment of an operation at Changelly The first thing you want to do is navigate to the Changelly home page. Then, simply select the cryptocurrency you have and the one you want to exchange for it. You will then see how much of the cryptocurrency you will get from the operation. If you are satisfied with this, click the "Change" button. Operation details Next, you will be taken to a screen that shows the exact operation, the fee you will pay and the estimated arrival time of your cryptocurrency. Usually this is between 5 and 30 minutes. Seriously, that fast. Enter the address of your receiving wallet For Changelly to send you the crypto you want, you obviously have to tell them where to send it. Just enter the address of the wallet you want it to go to. Confirm the operation You will be asked to confirm the details of the operation. Make sure you check three times that the cryptocurrency goes to the correct wallet address. Once you are satisfied, click "confirm and make the payment". Sending your crypto to complete the exchange Next, you'll get a wallet address to send your cryptocurrency to. Simply send the transaction for the correct amount in a single transaction. Then relax and wait 5 to 30 minutes for your new cryptocurrency to arrive. Congratulations: You have completed your first exchange at Changelly. conclusion As always, it is entirely up to you whether you decide to use the Changelly bag or not. However, we can share our ideas in this regard: Pros: Super easy and simple user interface. Changelly simplifies exchanging one cryptocurrency for another. Quick account creation process. Unlike other exchanges, there are no withdrawal fees. Option to buy Bitcoin with Visa or Mastercard. Operations are quick. Created by the respected Minergate team. Cons: Support could be faster. As with most options for buying crypto with fiat, there are fairly high fees to do this. Changelly's exchange rate is around 1.6% worse than the market average rate. This means that the total fee you are paying to use the bag is actually higher than the advertised 0.5%. Register : HERE
  5. INVEST is one of the coins launched by yobit, which offers an investment plan, with a return of 30% per month on your coins, but not on your money as such, since the price of these fluctuate according to the demand , do you consider that investing in the currency is a good strategy or is it better to wait until it falls to any of the resistances? I leave the current market data:
  6. The platform basically promotes a project in which it seeks to support dentists, either with a benefit for promoting the currency in their offices or for participating in a series of daily tests (this is for all audiences), currently the currency is in various exchanges, so it is a good project already capitalized.
  7. We live in an environment that is constantly evolving, so it is possible that at some point in time someone or some peoples can create a way to recover that currency through mining or other methods such as stacking or something like that, perhaps even violate the security of the blockchain.
  8. Everything points to a support in the 8000 dollars, for a next rise in prices, this in a period of 72 hours or more, therefore it is recommended to only keep your currencies and wait attentively to the markets and their evolution when passing the hours .
  9. Very good advice, in the same way, I would say that it is necessary to clarify that you should not panic with the markets, whether you are a novice or experienced, resort to selling everything at a time like that it will only bring losses to your pocket, therefore the best is retain those coins.
  10. In my case I was expecting a bull market between February and April, the problem is that I was not expecting a dispute with the oil, I lost some money, so I resorted to stacking and partly to the Yobit investment fund, little by little I am recovering.
  11. In addition to reading and learning about the basic concepts of cryptocurrencies, you must also learn not to panic and that is my advice, do not panic and much less resort to selling all your coins at a very low price, late or late. the market recovers early.
  12. Keep in mind that it is a bad month for everyone, from cryptocurrencies to other types of markets, we all know the reasons and therefore a recession is to be expected, but in the same way a recovery will come soon.
  13. What the virus really does is configure and connect the devices to a mining pool, once that is done, what is mined is XMR not bitcoin, since the mining power is not very high in simple cpu's.
  14. Insurance against hackers it is possible that yes, but protected against companies that do "analysis" of the market no, within the terms and conditions there are always clauses where we basically authorize the sale or dissemination of our data.
  15. Price manipulation is the daily bread in the stock markets, so manipulating the price for the benefit of BTC is not usually bad, but it can provoke a new bubble around speculation, so it has its pros and cons.
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