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  1. Actually, both of them are good for long term investments and they also belongs to top rank cryptocurrencies. I have been holding bitcoin and ripple for a couple of months and my plan is sell to it once the price goes up again. Lastly, why do you need to choose if you can invest on those cryptocurrency.
  2. SSFMHS It is so exciting to be part of Yobit's event! I am glad to be here.
  3. There are lot of ways to earn 5$ per day and you just need to work hard if you want to gain that amount of money. By just posting here you can earn around 2$ and it just litte amount of money but its okay because if keep on posting here you can earn more than 50$. But if you want to earn more than 5$ I highly suggest to do trading and investing but it required some capital. Doing trading is not easy and it takes time to learn but it is very profitable and in fact, it is one of the good source of income. That's right by just watching videos on youtube you can learn doing trading.
  4. Maybe because it don't contain a catchy or mysterious title because it can really help the user to open that topic and eventually post a comment on that
  5. Yeah if we see the post is informative then giving it a like could help the user boost his reputation and with that it can increase its confidence
  6. Cleaning the forum is such a great idea because lot of spams happened on that early competition last time, so we should clean this forum
  7. I think the rule that will take effect on him/her is the 50 post before being paid because he/she created the acc nov7 and the new payment update is nov11
  8. Bitcoin is such a great thing happened to me it can help me financially because me, myself don't have anything before so I'm happy with my first payment
  9. kwistyan

    Find Scam

    Crypto ain't a scam it's legit because it is real and everybody is using it maybe you've just encounter some scams so you generalize that crypto is a scam
  10. Well it could be good if you have many customers that you're lending some crypto because the more customers you get the more profit you get
  11. These tips are on point and can really help many others to avoid scams and I hope more users are going to read this. It is really helpful.
  12. Honestly you can't take anything from me LOL because I don't have enough money or we can say bitcoin in my wallet, I'm still earning for the next bull run
  13. Even bitcoin or crypto go mainstream in the future. I think still we need fiat currency for our daily transactions because fiat currency is out there a long time ago.
  14. Users must be really careful on scams because they can lose a lot of money if they're scammed by various people over the internet
  15. Maybe watching some videos in youtube can really help you a lot because you're actually learning because the video really teaches you instead by reading some articles in the internet
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