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  1. yes I also agree with you, because it can make it easier in terms of transactions without having to bother and waste time now just just one click away
  2. I chose BTC because I felt it was stable and not at great risk and I felt it was very suitable for long distance inventories
  3. Yes I am also interested in ferum, I also see the ferum community is very fast growing, many people are talking about this project, I think they will continue to work for development
  4. This will end in 8 hours, have you joined, it is a pity if you haven't joined, come on come on come on, don't miss it, this is a cool project
  5. NEW AIRDROP LEGIT !!! Airdrop Marcopolo • For Joined Airdrop You must Use Marcopolo Wallet please download in APK ON ANDROID Start Telegram Bot marcopolo • Follow Marcopolo Twiter • And give me Claps in Our Medium Account • Join Telegram Group Marcopolo •Airdrop End In 18-10-2019
  6. And remember, now stegos also set up a telegram bot contest, this is to try tesnet, don't forget to register today also below, click below to do all the assignments Good luck, friend Click here
  7. Yes, I also saw that, nothing I saw made in my yobit account, whether this program has ended but I did not find any information
  8. New great projeck stegos bounty Clik here register After registering, before. Doing the tasks given, please read the rules given not negligent ,,, good luck, friend
  9. I do not understand the current situation, many projects do not provide bounty anymore, sara good friend if you see from icobench, I also often do to monitor it there If you see it as good, give your little review, what makes you say that? So that the trust to follow is getting stronger
  10. Hello everyone, I need your opinion about this bounty, is this worth following? https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5182388.0 Come on talk buddy
  11. eXtremal

    Forum ranks

    Haha lol, a high rank isn't necessarily experienced from those below, maybe a low rank here, has a very high account on the other forums, isn't that right, friend? Yes, thank you for your attention, I am pleased with the input you provided, I think the team needs a lot of people to work on this forum, it will speed up the time in the Processing
  12. eXtremal

    Forum ranks

    A good feature, but I'm a little confused, what is the use of rank feature in this forum? And what is the use if an account that has a high rank
  13. eXtremal

    Bitcoin wallets

    Yes, in my opinion it just depends on the user's convenience and we also need to know the important security for all bitcoin wallet menhindaei lose your money
  14. Yes, that's what I worry about, friend, it's very dangerous if we risk all the money we have, in my opinion it's better to play casually and enjoy the game
  15. Yes, in the game also do not be carried away by lust that can harm you, unless you have accepted the risk of losing yourself, use your own tricks
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