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  1. I just post or comment in forum. Topic is the whole chapter of forum. I can't create topic .sometime topic is redundant it create violation.
  2. Bittorrent is the increasing currency in market. Its market increases day by day. BitTorrent has the future low price than other currency.
  3. We can see the investment or decreament position in market with leaderboard. wE see the winning position and priceof currency in board.
  4. The first cryptocurrency is bitcoin but the market release lots of coin such as dogy, eth, ltc ect. Whole world used such kind of currency.
  5. I can't get payment last 45 days. sometime restricted me to post it comment in forum. I will try to post to maintain all rules and helpful post.
  6. We can earn some free coin in yobit easily. We can also create some account and create blog in website .it's a strong earning source.
  7. I also face the same problem. But my post also helpful. I warning sometime and prove myself. Try to build a qualityful post which count yobit.
  8. Future of the forum is not big. Day by day forum position is getting low. The community of forum is not bigger now.but it turnover very soon with New ideas and projects.
  9. I agree with you. I post many forum i also maintain all rules but post was delayed that's why I afraid to post any forum. I also don't get any payment or any warning point for delete post.
  10. Negative reaction get the post quality low. We avoid this because there has each opinion everyone perspectives. We can recover their outlook if there any mistake.
  11. Cryptotalk is the best source of getting information about crypto's a good community where people stay with each other share their's a good earning source for everyone.
  12. Sometime answer for several time in one post. It will risky to banned account .we need to notify us which post we given answer it will helpful for us otherwise search in manually it's skip sometime.
  13. Yes I agree with you,people come forum for pay per post. Besides if there some another option it will easy to everyone. It will be you tube,Google doc, Google talk, some web application .
  14. Sometime we don't know but our post was deleted by cryptotalk.Yobit is connected to cryptotalk campaign.payment is count on stayed post.
  15. In forum posting natural language is popular. There we can use English Russian.admin can pertim this language and mesurement everything.
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