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  1. As all of us know the crypto wallet needs a private key that is very important for people who keep crypto there. And If you get lost the crypto wallet and forget the private key, you have never recovered the money you have. So that you should remember you write down the private key and store in a safe place where you must remember.
  2. It is terrified news. I think this crypto exchange platform closed by the government who dont like their people prefer storing crypto to using the national defense. I believe crypto is the trend of world and no power can barrier it.
  3. Where I loose huge my crypto is the primedice I did play dice and loose so much. I the first win but then loose so much. I think we can not take profit by playing dice. We always loose for long time because our greed. So that always stay away the gamble
  4. If you want to invest successfully the first you should have a good strategy. And the most important you should buy BTC monthly each month by 10% of your income. I think BTC is the best for the beginner because it is the leader of crypto world and the most value
  5. I think altcoin never replace BTC because altcoin now are created too much and most of them have no meaning and even zero value. BTC is only and the leader of crypto world, it is also represent for the crypto and most people when they think crypto the first they think BTC
  6. I think for long time we should invest BTC and store it in our wallet. It is the best crypto and the best value. Moreover the quantity of BTC is limited and can not create more than 21 million. So that it has no inflation and the price must rise up when the need of it rise up more.
  7. I think for short period of time some individuals or big financial organization can control BTC price. They can make the price down by selling more or make it high by buying more. But they can not control the price for long investment
  8. I think in the future Asia is the central of crypto in the world because Asia with the most population and the highest rate of development. So that people in Asia have interest in crypto so much, they feel it give them big profit
  9. Your answer is very difficult to answer because as you know I can not know who is my country in the forum. But I believe that so many people in my country ever access cryptotalk for the knowledge and experience about crypto
  10. If you are beginner you should follow the rules as the bellows: Never make multi account you will get banned Never copy others post or comment you will get minus warning or even get banned You just get paid by post after 100 post without payment first
  11. You must complete 100 posts first without any payment and then you get paid by making useful post and comment. And your post or comment must has over 100 characters and helpful for others question
  12. If you are a beginner the first you must read the guideline of cryptotalk carefully. And then you must notice some as the bellow: dont make multi account you will get banned, dont copy the others post you will get a minus warning even get banned by mods.
  13. It is the problem because of you, It is the forum sites that block you access because you maybe violate some rules of the forum. Or even you not violate any but something wrong. You can wait and send email to mod
  14. I think cryptotalk is great, we can earn j by making post and comment. I ve never seen any forum better than it because you get paid 1000 satoshi one post and maximum one day 30000 satoshi and here not bad extra income if you work hard
  15. You just click make the post or comment and typing the content. But you must remember your post and comment useful and help others for their question. Moreover the post and comment has over 100 characters must be counted
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