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  1. There's no chat section presently in this forum. What you have is a private message section where you can add as many people as allowed by the forum to share a message with. The message section is governed by the rule of private message. Hopefully, as the site progresses, we will have a chat group here
  2. I support number 1 and two. A global chat group will be a very welcomed idea for this forum where people can discuss. I also clamoured one time for pinned posts so we can always go back to the topic we like when we want to reference it. I hope this is implemented soonest in the forum
  3. The forum has gone through a lot of restructuring and posts from previous rules is a testament to this. Now, if a post is deleted, reactions you got on the thread too is deleted with the posts. Reaction doesn't count anymore so long the comments you got the reactions from doesn't count
  4. People hardly use the search button in this forum. The recent news that broke about China blocking ether scan site has different versions already in the crypto world section of the forum. I just wonder if people couldn't see the search button
  5. The payment attached to comments i believe is the reason many people talks about something they know nothing about but i noticed that the site admin is seriously working to clean these comments off the topic while leaving the topic for good comments
  6. Thanks for this clarifications but proving promotion of positive reputations will be very difficult as often times, i tend to give a like to someone who gives me like too. I hope there's nothing wrong doing that too @Desais
  7. Few days from the time of this post, i can say we have a rebirth in this forum, spammers dealt with and banned, spamming activities on the low and the forum is preparing for something great. Five years? I will say in a year, this forum will be high up there
  8. So sorry but i got over 100 posts deficit too which i made up over time. The developments in the forum is quite refreshing. If you were hit as a result of prior spamming activities, for the love of the forum you can continue and in no time, you will make up the differentials
  9. Newbie by the forum rating or crypto newbies? If it is crypto newbies, i believe they will likely spam this forum with copy and paste posts in an attempt to get paid. What did a newbie know about crypto. I will rate suggest a newbie download news app like Pivot
  10. These may be true as I've seen crypto promoted by John McCafee that is not listed anywhere in crypto market. Possibly too, the Crypto coin some people claimed is worth 6-7 times the value of bitcoin is used solely in the Dark Web
  11. Well earnings from both mining and faucets claiming you mentioned isn't worth losing sleep over. Making less than what cryptotalk pays me for two comments! If at all i want to try my hands on any, it will be faucets
  12. Competition from these two smart phones giant will push for more crypto adoption especially Apple adopting bitcoin. This i believe is due to the fact Apple phones are a bit on the high side and most Apple users are used to streaming from the i tunes store. Posting for these services with crypto will increase numbers of crypto holders
  13. These two i quoted dealt with me and i did lose money to these schemes. From Zarfund, appi travels, MMM ponzi schemes, i lost more than 1 bitcoin as a newbie. Rate exchanges springs up and close shops is also a cause for concerns and as such, i use two exchanges i trusts. Yobit and Kucoin
  14. There's been no reliable evidence to support the terrorism claim but as for money laundering, gossips is everywhere on the internet people are using cryptopcurrency to launder money. Anyone wanting to launder money will always find a way to
  15. This coin can be said to be a rare coin. As far as i know, this coin is not traded anywhere and on any market. The assumption it reaches 6-7 times the value of bitcoin can also not be proven as there's no record of exchanging bitcoin for this limited coins
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