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  1. Bitcoin industry is very in demand. So many business are opening and relate it to blockchain. Investing in bitcoin is a good choice to grow your money, try to buy now and wait a few years till yours profits become bigger. Since its price is unstable it is also a good choice to trade bitcoin. Nowaday, bitcoin has gain its value again and proved how profitable to invest in it.
  2. Bitcoin is very popular now and a lot is having interest in it, therefore, it is impossible for bitcoin to be gone in thin air and we are expecting a bull run so it is still not too late to invest in bitcoin. The price now is quite cheap compared to the speculated AHT so might as well take advantage the opportunity to invest and hold it for the bull run. You can also do trading but it takes time learning so might as well be read to learn and be patient.
  3. Believe and believe it is still a recovery period. The future with the crypto is still long. From now until the next year you will experience success with crypto. To date there are still many new projects on cryptocurrency that are beginning to develop it. This is a bright beginning with crypto. Stay with the crypto before regrets arrive in the future.
  4. best wallet could be myetherwallet as it is supports all kinds of altcoins or tokens as long as it is under erc20. mew is also easy to use as it does not requires you to download any software. coinomi on the other hand is also a good alternative if your an android user howver it does not support all kind of coins as i already tested it on the past and also their fees were kinda bit high and expensive when compared to myetherwallet therfor i still suggest and prefer mew.
  5. I strongly recommend you use hardwallet like trezor or ledger nano s to be sure that your holdings are safe to these hackers and phishing sites.Because nowadays people doesnt care about these phishing sites until they are victimized with these scumbags,the best thing to do is to install metamask extenstion in your browser,it is high recommended by the experts.
  6. No difference for me in terms of security whether i want to keep in online wallet or exchange. Maybe if i am a trader that trades frequently so it will be exchanges as i will have funds readily available anytime
  7. First of all you need to know and believe it that making money is simple through trade stacks and Forex or Binary but not so easy. Really it so hard for them who have lack of patience on entry, selling very soon, Go to big losses from small lose, go after low opportunity, Over trading, hesitation and over confident. If you want to be a perfect and excellent trader then you must try for these qualities first. Never try for overcome if you make lose already and avoid trade against trend. Make sure about you have a cool mind when you start trading. These is enough I think.
  8. There is no such a thing as losing when you just keep holding through. I know what the market can do, and accept that, so in good times I don't sell, and during "bad times" I don't sell. The only thing I do is try to do some trading in order to benefit from current fluctuations, and that's really it. And regarding losing money is very stressful, that only goes up if you invest with borrowed money, or invest with money that isn't meant to be invested. Over-investing can be a problem too -- never open positions that are too large, and especially not at times where the market is very close to peak levels. It's basically asking for problems....
  9. AHSANUL31

    Hold or trade

    Being into cryptocurrency trading needs confident and to the same there is need for continued observation on the market as well regular learning on the tips and tricks used by pro traders. These tips and tricks need to be adjusted according to our need and should be used on trades to get the good return, because we cannot follow the same strategy followed by the other because the market moves irrespective of time.
  10. It is what everyone's talking about. We have been expecting for the bull run because we're into bear market for nearly a year now. Thinking of the brighter side it has been above $5,000 so that's still good. Basing now to the December high's which increased everyone's expectation with this market. Don't compare those days and today, if you ever are looking for the best days to come then you have to stay so you'll be part of those people that will witness another bull soon.
  11. Not only crypto but trading any financial market is very hard, be it forex market or stock market. Trading needs lots of patience and proper plan. Conditions of trading every financial markets are different. Personally I am not successful into crypto trading but if comes to forex market I have good winning rates of trades. Volume in forex market is very high and its easy to analise the market technically but in cryto market reading chart is not that accurate, I am sure there may be some way to trade cryto market successfully as well, we just need to explore those ways and practice it patiently instead of trading market on guess
  12. I have not dared to predict any kind of coin from altcoin equivalent to bitcoin, if I see nothing, far from the possibility of being equivalent to bitcoin, this I answer for this year, if fore I predict bch monero and IDXM tokens can compete with bitcoin.
  13. Some strange arbitration that lasts 11 - 15 (sic) days. During this time you can earn much more on one exchange without arbitrage and without risk to lost deposit. Second thing is for some reason there’s nothing in the global trading statistics on the site.
  14. I will definitely keep people informed as to how this plays out. Like I said I will wait it out a while, but will likely have to submit. Especially since they can choose to de-list any coin they wish. Got so caught up in my ranting and raving I had forgotten to Tag, thanks for the reminder. The discord has been pretty entertaining, as far as irritating situations go at least.
  15. Those of us who lost money when the Bitfloor and MtGox exchanges failed tend to be cynical of exchanges. It's best to keep Bitcoin in a cold storage wallet and dollars in a FDIC insured bank (or the equivalent where you live). Established and insured U.S. exchanges like Coinbase are probably pretty safe though. I'm just sick of losing money so I don't risk it.
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