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  1. that's good for Switzerland itself but remember, it won't have a big impact on the crypto market in general.
  2. so far it hasn't been because payment from yobit hasn't been categorized based on the ranking of the members, but everything. for a new forum, this should have been said to be very profitable because it made a post and was immediately paid not to wait long.
  3. still difficult to predict, I just use my own method. that is by looking at team activities, whether from forums, social media or their official blogs. if there is no activity, they can be sure to prepare to run away.
  4. the right time is when the bear market like this, the price of all crypto assets is in a downtrend, so we have many choices to buy.
  5. will be less effective when when assets are sold are burned. because it can make the supply run out quickly because it is not buried. but true, this method will be effective for ico when launching tokens on the market.
  6. actually there is no negative effect from that and I think everything will go well for crypto users.
  7. crypto cannot currently be used to buy necessities because no one has received them yet. and the only way is to convert to fiat then buy something.
  8. can you include the download link for that game? or at least provide the gameplay video so we can all see it and decide to play or not.
  9. the good news is that if the crypto market develops there, the crypto market will automatically pump up as a whole. and we will definitely get the impact of all that.
  10. fuer44

    51% attack

    news circulating or issues, indeed Litecoin is the target but there has been no confirmation so far. hopefully it's just an issue.
  11. This is what I say that crypto can develop faster through gambling. although this is bad, especially for banned gambling sites, using bitcoin will be very safe because it is difficult to track the government and coupled with fast transactions and also a small fee, of course this will make gamblers happy.
  12. if they're afraid of competition, I don't think that's the reason because the two are very different. banks to store fiat stable while crypto has investment asset values that can go up or down. I don't think it's fear, but the banks are only worried when everyone prefers bitcoin as the main source of payment, the country's money is not used, and that can cause inflation due to economic imbalances.
  13. believe that crypto has a good future in india. India has just recently released an exchanger with the p2p feature, wazirX, and in my opinion it's very good and innovative.
  14. although all of that is difficult to predict, but it looks like it will be difficult to happen. because youtube needs a stable dollar estimate while crypto prices always change.
  15. if it runs out, it means it will end because so far there has been no discourse that the bitcoin supply will be updated. but don't worry because new coins will definitely emerge and there are still plenty of altcoins with potential that is not inferior to bitcoin.
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