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  1. in my opinion the government does not need to be too involved in the crypto space, because if the government enters the crypto space it will become centralized and that might make it difficult for crypto users, especially traders and investors. I think let it go like this first and we just see the development of the market and we see crypto as a profitable investment asset first.
  2. now bitcoin is back down to $ 9500, and I don't think this means that bitcoin will go down even deeper to $ 6700 as you wrote. will definitely rise again
  3. as long as the government does not enter bitcoin, I think bitcoin will still be free according to its purpose. but sometimes there are people who think that there must be regulations, are you included? if so, then bitcoin will become centralized by the government. if you want pure and unregulated bitcoin, then leave it like this and don't talk about hackers because when bitcoin is decentralized and out of control, then we have to accept the consequences of crypto.
  4. minning for free so far in my opinion does not yet exist, and many are scam about it. in my opinion the best method for crypto earning is the bounty campaign and airdrop. although the possibility is also still 50-50.
  5. in my opinion it makes little sense, because as a transaction tool fees should be as low as low or even free. if the reason is due to high transaction costs, then that is clearly a rational reason.
  6. I believe that the main purpose of bitcoin is so that it can be used as an online transaction as a payment. it was proven at the beginning of the launch of bitcoin, there are people who buy pizza with bitcoin. even though it's a lot in the market today, proving that the purpose of bitcoin is as an online payment tool without thinking about investment assets.
  7. I am interested in your information, become an ambassador in the community and get money? This is an amazing thing, so I hope you can share how it works and register via post here or in a private message.
  8. fuer44

    Crypto Secrets

    if you don't have a lot of capital, I have tips for getting started with a bounty campaign and the resulting airdrop and crypto can be converted to other coins for trading, or long-term hold again.
  9. My goal is to wait for my project from years ago to be withdrawn now and also now looking for a new project that is even better to get crypto, and my target this year is 1000 etherum.
  10. it seems that dai is indeed in a long-term program to be used as an online transaction in the future, so there is no need to use the fiat entered into online, but enough with the dai token the transaction problem has been resolved and also a smaller fee.
  11. it is very important to know about LN, because aside from trading and investment, LN is something that must be understood because it is part of the blockchain and also the transaction.
  12. I agree with you and the part I like most here is "earning place". and I think some people are willing to spend time here and make lots of posts with the aim of earning it. Because of what? When viewed from the post, they are on average familiar with the world of crypto, so they have learned before this and they come here for earnings, although there are also some really newcomers but I think it's almost a little.
  13. and what I hate the most is when someone makes a topic about airdrop in the crypto world. OK, if it is related to the crypto world, but the bounties and airdrop parts should already be there, then why make it in crypto world, instead of making issues about crypto, exchange, wallet, and prices in that section.
  14. because I think this forum is good and has a good future too so I dare to recommend it. because I always consider what I will give, so if it's profitable then I won't hesitate. that's the reason I teach some of my friends about crypto talk and the response there are those who want and some who don't.
  15. detecting multiple accounts is indeed a little difficult, unless there is a system that can detect it automatically in one device. sometimes I also think that they might just think that there are multiple accounts based on the server being used, then the similarity in making posts. in my opinion this is still a difficult thing to calculate.
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