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  1. in my country crypto is still not very popular and even a little was mentioned by the government in the end of 2017 when bitcoin suddenly rose to the moon, and they said they had to be careful of bitcoin investments because it could have bubbles and the risk of loss also no one bear it (borne by yourself). in my opinion it is fair, and the government gives freedom for its citizens to invest and trade in crypto.
  2. yes, I agree because this is arguably a forced investment. everyone is still centered on bitcoin, so the big pump that occurs always starts with bitcoin because the investment there is far greater than the others. it should be time to make a small investment in altcoin so that the market becomes balanced.
  3. if it is correctly installed and has not appeared on the desktop, try checking in the control panel, then select install or uninstall device. then you search there, whether your wallet is already on the list that has been installed or not, if not then do reinstall. if so, then search in search.
  4. I will add that the company ico or ieo will launch a new project, to provide information about where their tokens will be released earlier. because the liquidity of tokens is also very dependent on the liquidity of the market exchange.
  5. of all the methods to secure crypto, I think you all are correct and the most important thing in this case is, how can we safely store private key, keystore, password, wordsheed that cannot be forgotten or lost.
  6. yes, because blockchain is also a technology that requires good programming, so the course from learning blockchain is very useful.
  7. yes that's right, and there is also an investment box feature that allows you to grow your investment from the interest that can be obtained every week. if you have a capital of at least 1 bitcoin, it would be good if you put it in a yobit invest box, so your money is safe and your investment can grow.
  8. making posts that can be counted by yobit is a big challenge. because even though we already think our post is good because it's already counted on forums and not deleted, but sometimes it's not enough for yobit. therefore, making a post that can be counted by yobit is a big challenge for me.
  9. Yes, many have asked the forum to add local sections, such as Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and others. we hope that in the near future, that can be achieved.
  10. of course, but it takes a little time to get crypto from here, because it takes lessons and how to write a good post. In the beginning, learning about markets and crypto is very important, and if you have capital, it is not wrong to start investing and trading small amounts first.
  11. rumors circulating, libra will be equated with the estimated value of the US dollar, so that stable coins can also be called digital fiat. so that it will not have a big effect on the market, because it is an attempt to adopt crypto more on the aspect of usage, not investment.
  12. whatever the reason, captcha will make posting frequency slower, because every post must pass captcha and bad, if the connection is rather bad, captcha will take very long time because the picture will be difficult to appear.
  13. if it is not renewed, then bitcoin cannot be mined anymore because it has reached the total supply, and the possibility of bitcoin circulation only exists in the existing market, meaning that there is no more supply. when that happens, maybe the price will be more expensive.
  14. maybe, if bitcoin supply is still available in the market and maybe in that year the supply is very little and the price will be higher.
  15. don't lose it, because you can't download it again. When you download a private key, it is the same as creating a new wallet and you cannot access your wallet that has lost the private key. so be careful and keep it safe.
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