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  1. IEO is really great tool for everyone for security and trust purpose. Exchangers are offering Tokens against investment is great tool for not only just seller but also for buyer too.
  2. Shapeshift was great even right now also they are live within market, offering own FOX token. But according GDPR and law enforcement, its hard for every business to keep sustainability. I was early user of Shapeshift, along with their one of service skeleton I have used to build own altcoin exchanger with my domain. Currently skeleton services are not offered by Shapeshift. But Shapeshift offering commission free trading for their users.
  3. @pritizinta Good answer, Many countrie are involved in P2P trading and exchange. But I would like to add few important points as, If person or services are accepting Bitcoins then there is no need of exchange them. Only matter of amount. Because at what rate you make deal is considerable time for making exchange with rate against fiat for making payment with that amount.
  4. Multiply is games of self control and selfdissipline. Many of get loss because of greed. Be calm, and be in patient. Because gambling is not a simple bite of cake, to get as much easier to everyone.
  5. No tricks for games actually. But I am using some sort of tricks for doing promotion and advertising to reach to more audience who is interested in earning free BTC.
  6. By the way anyone can check there own profile or other users profile for getting details of user. You can also find joining date of individual user in date and month format. Here is example.
  7. I agree. It's a concept like send and forget. It's a complete scam stay away from false and scam sites. Many sites offers such types of greedy offer to engage users by referring. but honestly don't fall into trap.
  8. Yes Completely agree. As its sent from Bitcointalk Official it seems suspicious. Be careful. Rather I would like to suggest visit Brave Offering Tokens To Browse. This offers Tokens to Browse Internet with Brave browser.
  9. Same problem faced but I cleared cookies and cache, and later on start to use private browser. Now it's working fine for me. Use same technique to resolve issue. Cheers.
  10. Its a great Airdrop from Stellar, but it's for limited countries, as it require KYC with Mobile Phone verification from there white-listed countries. And many countries have been removed from the list for participation. As Stellar is targeting new countries to make payment network more smooth. Also to distribute their coins. Good strategy.
  11. Yes. But rather than universal currency I would like to call Bitcoin as master or prime currency among all cryptocurrencies. Because each and every altcoin (alternative coin for Bitcoin) is evaluated in price of BTC.
  12. Out of all three points mentioned 1st one separation of money and states is against Blockchain specification. Because Bitcoin or other altcoins have already proved their existence and importance along with their value against fiat currency global. It means cryptocurrency is offering the innovative platform make financial transactions within peer to peer network without any interfere of third party or entities, which brings world more closer.
  13. Well considering future price for ETH, and placing orders is great way, because we never know, what will happen tomorrow. But as per specification supply of ETH is tremendous. And it will impact on total market cap of ETH and ultimately Bitcoin. So while placing order, kindly keep watch on total supply, and current supply along with current market circulation of ETH. It will give idea to decide price for single unit of ETH.
  14. Yep completely agree @Flangler @xBDT Script check for own post there numbers and value of contribution. Many post have no value. Complete garbage. Already it's mentioned in rules that rather than numbers quality will be preferable for posts.
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