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  1. Its a great Airdrop from Stellar, but it's for limited countries, as it require KYC with Mobile Phone verification from there white-listed countries. And many countries have been removed from the list for participation. As Stellar is targeting new countries to make payment network more smooth. Also to distribute their coins. Good strategy.
  2. Mining is becoming tough and less profitable day by day. Mining is basically a process to generate new coins by contributing required electric power with required hardware to secure network and verify transactions within network. More competition gives lower rewards. So, better to understand algorithm used for coin protocol, with network hashrate, difficulty and rewards distribution of certain coin before mining.
  3. I see many are talking a Machine Technique as "BOT". Bot is nothing but a engine that run autonomously on server. Mostly Bot is a programming software written in web language with help of API. And its basically made to reduce time and energy of user to take actions while trading. But now a days Bot trading is become trend to grab some juicy profit. Which is actually not.
  4. Yep. Completely agree. They prepare strategy, work on it, follow it, and manage or even control market at certain level, But its a global thing and getting traded on more than 20000 exchanger globally. So, whales have also few limitations to fly on market.
  5. Yes its a significant and remarkable movement on charts according to Universal Law. And this is because whales don't care for price they only matter with volume.
  6. Yes. But rather than universal currency I would like to call Bitcoin as master or prime currency among all cryptocurrencies. Because each and every altcoin (alternative coin for Bitcoin) is evaluated in price of BTC.
  7. As world is entering into new era of economics and innovative platform for finance with help of cryptocurrencies. We all you know that cryptocurrencies have advantages as well as disadvantages too. While considering disadvantages which categorised under criminal offence, it is required to know details of entities within transactions held. But while considering advantages there are many features as well as futurism benefits are still under testing phase within blockchain environment. Which gives more transparency, trust, scalability and security for accessing cryptocurrencies.
  8. Out of all three points mentioned 1st one separation of money and states is against Blockchain specification. Because Bitcoin or other altcoins have already proved their existence and importance along with their value against fiat currency global. It means cryptocurrency is offering the innovative platform make financial transactions within peer to peer network without any interfere of third party or entities, which brings world more closer.
  9. I went very deep for analysis of well known gambling platform (Pocketdice) (currently unavailable) which gives me an idea for actual profit calculation. It's basically based on probability and hedging of funds. So all time when user plays 99%of total collected amount get distributed among player and remained 1% is hedging profit. Now it's totally luck factor of player to get elected to receive rewards. It may be higher or lower than amount independent player invest. Even in current gambling industry there are many platforms are based on same theory of probability and fund hedging.
  10. Well considering future price for ETH, and placing orders is great way, because we never know, what will happen tomorrow. But as per specification supply of ETH is tremendous. And it will impact on total market cap of ETH and ultimately Bitcoin. So while placing order, kindly keep watch on total supply, and current supply along with current market circulation of ETH. It will give idea to decide price for single unit of ETH.
  11. Time is always be a great teacher and conditions also depends upon time factor including many other parameters. So if Cryptotalk offer something that is really adorable and valuable for forum users as well as whole community then there is no doubt. But Bitcointalk is one of the biggest and oldest forum, so definitely it will take some time to get more popularity in crypto community.
  12. Yep completely agree @Flangler @xBDT Script check for own post there numbers and value of contribution. Many post have no value. Complete garbage. Already it's mentioned in rules that rather than numbers quality will be preferable for posts.
  13. Mining of Bitcoin is only be profitable if price of BTC will be more than current price. But at the same time price of other altcoins will also gradually increase comparing to Bitcoin. But in current time frame price of BTC majorly affect on profitability of mining BTC and other altcoins based on various algorithm.
  14. Yes its very true. But its because of lack of proper information, or misinformation. In many countries still Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies are going promoted as ponzi schemes and people believe on it without understanding it basics. People even still not aware about security of digital assets. Airdrops and ICO are ways to grab some money from investors, for this every company have to show their work ability and future perspective. But many companies are either failed or scam. They are just only using latest technical information and market knowledge for robbing some cryptofunds.
  15. Crypto

    Risk and Reward

    In other word we can say in positive way as "Invest that much only you can afford to lose."
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