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  1. Yes, I'm interested to know your technical analysis. Please share your thoughts with us and help us to grow in wealth as well as trading skills too.
  2. Most of the available pre-made indicators are lagging indicators and generate signal slowly. All the indicators are given accurate signals. So, we have to make the combination of two or three indicators together with price actions and chart pattern.
  3. Scalping is a way of trading or a style of trading where we are looking for small profit within short period of time. Also, we keep our stop loss very tight.
  4. With that list, I will suggest you to Robert Kiyosaki's The Rick Dad and Poor Dad. Also, I will suggest another one by same writer - Cashflow Quadrant.
  5. It seems that expert option is a legit system to build for real world professional traders. It is only for pro traders who have years of knowledge and experience. So, without knowing it don't jump into it. you will loose your all fund.
  6. If you search in the market, you will find lots of forex broker who are giving 500, 1000 even 2000 leverage to start trading but eventually it will vanish your fund just in flash. Also, most of the broker not regulated and registered. i will suggest you Octafx and Exness only which I'm currently using.
  7. 100% not. Yes, I know most of the people who don't have any idea about this market, compare forex market with gamble and even a lottery tickets. But actually, it's not. It's simple a based on demand and supply and also price theory and historical chart pattern.
  8. Most of the users suggest you can start with just as little as 100$. But I would recommend you to start at least with 500 to 1000$ for a stable profit and money management.
  9. Obviously, forex is less riskier than crypto currencies. Crypto is more volatile and fluctuate a lot. however, any asset class trading with margin is much more riskier than normal spot trading.
  10. Both the coin has a great potential in price growth. However, If your view for long term investment then I will suggest invest in Ethereum. As we all know, many DeFi and Dapps are building on ethereum blockchain and in Defi space around 800 million worth of ethreum locked. So, I'm super bullish on ethreum.
  11. The situation getting worst day by day and people slowly realize it and got panicked. If we not aware our-self this time then our situation will be just like China and Italy and that is for sure.
  12. i don't know why people are only choosing tiny coins like digibyte or dogecoin which has a massive supply and no big community support. If you compare them with Xrp and Xlm then you will understand what I am talking about and their growth potential.
  13. I will suggest you go for hardware wallet which is much more secure. The draw back is - it is not free. You have to paid for it and also you have to give custom charges and shipping too. It will cost around 45$ for basic one. if you go for premium one then it will cost you around 120- 150$.
  14. From the last three months, Ethereum is going sideways and hovering between 110$ to 150$ range. I think it is a strong support and resistance zone for ethereum. It will also a tough time for all the crypto currencies in these bear market.
  15. All the crypto and coin supply are pre-defined by developers when they are being made. It's only possible if they coded it as they will burn their coin a certain amount on a date.
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