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  1. I don`t know such services, only some bounty platforms, but they have very small amount of bounties. I think that the best way of earning crypto is participating in bounties on bitcointalk
  2. Я думаю, что лучшая стратегия это холд, как и всегда) Но если есть деньги, которые готов потерять, то я бы даже докупил, потому что сейчас из рынка вышли паникеры и остались только те, кто уверен в технологии, я думаю, что цена как и всегда постепенно пойдет вверх
  3. I would even say it`s very unsafe. Cryptocurrency is risky investment asset, but u can earn here a lot of money if u can observe market situation and navigate your actions according to it
  4. I think that it`s insane idea. There are many crypto wallets which are more user-friendly and comfortable. Your profit from holding money on freebitcoin will be too low
  5. My main goal is to improve my knowledge and make new friends which can help me in future. Also I want to earn some crypto, I suppose it can give me a lot of money in future
  6. Bitcoin transaction fees are big on every exchange. It`s because of bitcoin chain features. You can withdraw another coins there are a lot of them with low fees
  7. https://cryptotalk.org/profile/6129-nykas/ Mx93445a5d835a56cfdda34c77ff6661dcf3fa04c3 https://twitter.com/nykaster2/status/1231714221878059009
  8. Если ты имеешь ввиду всякие рулетки и прочие, то их очень много, так же есть сайты по типу weplay или pvpro, faceit и другие, где ты можешь получать призовые или скины за свою игру
  9. I think that the main crypto Bitcoin is always actual to invest in and also there are many exchange coins that can be very profitable in future
  10. Yobit gives good opportunity to earn. You can earn till 10% per month with Investbox, but it`s risky to hold money in unpopular coins because their price can fall down
  11. https://cryptotalk.org/profile/6129-nykas/ Mx93445a5d835a56cfdda34c77ff6661dcf3fa04c3 https://twitter.com/MinterscanEN/status/1230435845234200579
  12. I think that it`s pretty risky to keep money in crypto, because it`s very volatile price is unreliable but it also can give good profit, so u should keep small part of your money in this active
  13. I think that today in modern world ordinary gold is uncomfortable to use, so it can`t be accepted like payment method also it`s doubtfully that crypto will become illegal, it`s good technology for everyone
  14. Биткоин очень хорошо показал себя в начале века и надеюсь, что будет и дальше так же показывать себя, своих ранних инвесторов он сделал миллионерами, а другим дал неплохие иксы.
  15. I saw browser which gives u bitcoins for surfing sites, but it`s bad way of earning bitcoins, because u could earn only some cents such way, so I recommend just to buy btc or find new ways
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