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  1. Мне кажется, что как обычно кран бесполезный и заработать тут ничего нельзя, да и сам проект не очень сильно внушает доверие
  2. If you know what is Dice you can try to play there but be careful, because you can lose all your money, although also you can make x5 on this mode
  3. I think that it`s question of luck because luck is very significant factor in becoming successful and rich. Of course it`s important to work hard than dream about getting very rich
  4. I think that it will be long awaited growth of price, because there are a lot of good news for crypto will be in 2020, so these factors can influence on price
  5. I think that volatility is normal part of every market, so we don`t need to anxious about this aspect of crypto market we need to observe changes in technology
  6. Я думаю, что нужно делать всё в меру. Часть портфеля иметь держать долгий срок, но другой частью активно торговать и стараться увеличить свой актив
  7. I think that all crypto will be going down until end of January so we need to be patient and wait for good news and only then price will increase
  8. You are right and I agree with you that paying for posts is an amazing decision for Yobit team because it gives a lot of new members of this forum
  9. Мне кажется, что таких проектов было много уже и выстреливают из них лишь единицы, но если есть время, то можно попробовать пособирать токены
  10. I think that we should expect lower price. I suppose it will be like 5500 dollars per 1 Bitcoin. I think you should buy in the end of December before Christmas
  11. Many people earn their money playing when they participate in different tournaments. Also there are many crypto games last year where everyone can earn some crypto and then exchange it in fiat
  12. I think that cryptocurrency is going down because of different reasons. There are no any good news for crypto last time and also there is an eve of holidays, so everyone sell it
  13. Emotions is very important side on different markets, especially on cryptocurrency market. Emotions can decide would you you earn or lose your money. It`s necessary learn how to control yourself
  14. I think that this transaction alert about some big changes on cryptocurrency market, so we are necessary to wait something new in our sphere
  15. nykas

    How to earn

    I think that these skills are really important for earning in crypto. It`s very prospective and full of possibilities sphere, but too risky, so it`s necessary to be careful
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