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  1. Currently there are 5200 ish members. There are also not a load of topic yet either. 3500 ish which is great for the amount of time this forum has been open but not enough to get a company interested in dropping a few thousand a week on advertising. The numbers would need to increase 5-10x before companies would be interested in this as an advertising space. It's extremely possible but will take some time to grow. I see a lot of posts like the 1 before mine where people think it would be great for more earning opportunities, but they're not thinking about the companies that are spending the money. Companies want to see a large community so that they're reaching thousands of people for their money.
  2. Why would anyone think it's too late? Just because the price is going down a little? Sounds like you have no faith, so investing for you is probably not a good idea.
  3. The only way your info would get stolen is if you're dumb enough to give your info out or click links. So essentially the fault is your own.
  4. Bitcointalk is nowhere close to feeling threatened by this forum or any other forum out there. Why should they be? All of you are free to be members on every forum out there. Bitcointalk, reddit, cryptotalk, forum.bitcoin or wherever else are all just social platforms for users to gain knowledge about bitcoin and othet altcoins. It'snot a competition per se. I guarantee that most of you visit more then 1 forum a day looking for knowledge or earning opportunities. The goal of the cryptotalk campaign is simple. To get users visiting this forum and by paying on yobit trying to increase users trading there in the process. Not sure why you guys are trying to turn it into a war.
  5. I'd like to see ATMs pop up all over the world. Bitcoiners need more ways to cashout their funds besides using exchanges and traditional banking.
  6. When you are looking at joining a bounty, look for a bounty that is also running a signature campaign that pays in bitcoin. Most teams that have a little capital to dump into advertising are usually motivated to get their assett listed in the exchanges. Most teams that pay in tokens for everything are 99% scams and you'll be wasting your time.
  7. This is exactly the problem. Governments are trying to figure out how to tax every transaction. Once they do that, crypto will be accepted worldwide IMO.
  8. KYC is hated because users want to stay anonymous but also I believe some users want to avoid paying taxes. Depends on the country you're from and what sites you use for crypto, but some companies are required to send tax info for cashouts totalling 20000$ or more over the course of the tax year.
  9. I believe they are referring to the daily bonus you receive from the faucet. Each day it gets bigger until day 7 when it is the biggest.
  10. Could you be a little more informative about what you like about this forum? Posting that you like the place and not giving any reason except being paid to post makes it look as though you are only here for monetary value.
  11. Companies are not just gonna flock here and open signature campaigns without knowing there are trusted users here that will make the payments or trusted escrows. Way too many scammers in the crypto space. I've seen scams for as little as a dollar. Companies look at all aspects before contacting someone to manage a campaign.
  12. I'm curious as to how do we know the prizes will be paid? I seen 1 user mention escrow and would also like to ask if that's going to happen? Who also is going to judge what is spam or not spam?
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