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  1. I am sure the admins would make an announcement if there were any changes to the payment system. For now I would read the above replies.
  2. @Desais @Bigpat Could you guys get me some answers please
  3. I thought I seen a sticky a few days ago about signatures but I cannot seem to find it now. I currently have 1 company possibly willing to advertise here but I need to know the specifications for the signature space. What is allowed, what isn't allowed? Is bbcode only used in the space? or are images, HTML, or anything else allowed? How many links are allowed? How many characters are allowed per member rank? Anything I have left out, i'd be glad if someone(a designer) chimed in to help me get all the info I need.
  4. You probably shouldn't hijack someone else's thread like a jerk. Make your own thread and offer your space.
  5. Is your bounty program going to be published here or elsewhere? I am 1 of the top managers on another forum. I only accept tokens as a bonus but if you have other means of payment i'd be glad to take a look.
  6. I am here to learn about crypto and see what this forum has to offer. If I can earn a little crypto in the process then great, but it is not my main motivation to be here. I am also yahoo on btctalk and here watching to see how this forum grows.
  7. Wrong, we are not all here to be paid at all. I agree with you that alot are only here to earn, but not all. I have been here since the 1st week this forum opened and have less than 30 posts.
  8. You guys really shouldn't buy or sell bitcointalk accounts. I know it's not forbidden to do so, but the DT members will tag suspected bought accounts and sellers. It's much better to build an account from the get go and rank it up without cheating the system.
  9. Would you still feel the same way if you were not being paid to post? That to me shows if a user is passionate or greed driven. I'm glad you're enjoying your experience here and don't take offense to the above question.
  10. Buying btc and giving it as a gift is a great idea. Even better idea if the people you are giving it to are young and have no interest in spending it right away. Never know if a small amount of crypto will have a huge value 10 years from now.
  11. Pretty sure this is correct. You also should not just be posting to be paid, that's the wrong reason to be posting.
  12. You're about 10 years late on getting a free bitcoin. Now you have to find faucets that actually pay, join in pay per post campaigns, or invest in mining.
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