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  1. Our refferers always say us we can earn a lot of money from crypto world but we can think if it would true, then why they are wasting time behind us!
  2. Fauchets are nothing but the wastage of our valuable time. on the other hand, i ignored many legit airdrops only for kyc proccess. so, fauchets with kyc is a fun for me.
  3. When i cam to crypto world, the price was above 10k. I bought only about 0.01 bitcoin only for a trial but the guy did not pay me after sending him my money.
  4. Not impossible also. These country have a great people and they are always trading and investing with bitcoin. if they get own coin, it may impact on btc.
  5. I heard about a exchange in cryptotalk forum that the exchange is giving free usdt to the users when the make a deposit on the site. at present, i can not memorize the name.
  6. Bitcoin is in a great dump in this time. if i had 10k usd at this time for investment, i would invest only in bitcoin because it will pump soon.
  7. Few months ago, i saw a nes where i was reading about google crypto wallet. They are also getting engaged in crypto world. so, i think they will not ban it
  8. As we are going to see the third halving of bitcoin in may of 2020, the price may be pumped a lot in this time. so, it is possible in my opinion.
  9. But i can not find much disadvantages of bitcoin where we can not hope so many profit by investing in gold. i think bitcoin is undoubtly better than gold
  10. In this long period, miners will only mine 1%. so can i say the price of bitcoin will touch sky at this time? if i am wrong, then correct me
  11. Newbies think that they can be rich instanly if they become engaged in crypto world. But it is a wrong idea. we need to be experienced and work hard for this
  12. At present, Crypto is mostly used for making profits. in future, it will be used in every payment sections. so, its importance really knows no bound
  13. If we think about the age of Binance exchange, we will be amazed that it is a new platform but the top. it was successful only for its great service.
  14. I earned profit inlast two years. I joined ieo in yobit and got more than double of my investment sometime from this great platform. we should work here with our intelligence
  15. As their intention of writing, they think bitcoin was developed as an alternative of fiat money but people only use it for investment and trading. Really we should use Crypto like a real money.
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